Why Your Office Space Is Screaming for an Urgent Redesign

The business world is currently undergoing a digital revolution. The current trends are shifting towards collaborative and intelligent workspaces where employees are happier, and all the digital work tools can easily be synchronized for enhanced productivity.

If you’re wondering why you should redesign your office to meet up with global trends and practices in 2019, then this piece is for you. We have examined some of the reasons, and here is a breakdown:

1. Better collaboration and synergy of efforts.

Gone are the days when offices were made up of boxed up cubicles where each staff was shut off and isolated from the rest of the workforce.

Presently, an increasing fraction of modern office designs follow a free-flowing pattern where employees are positioned in their workstations in an open hall pattern.

This design is highly desired because of the opportunity it creates for the free flow of information, collaboration, and interaction between colleagues.

Most employers and office designers adopt this design because it’s easy for employee activities and workflows to be monitored and evaluated. This generally translates to higher efficiency and productivity.

2. Reduced overhead costs

If your office space follows the traditional enclosed pattern, you should consider redesigning it. This is because conventional office designs require more space per employee, and it accounts for the need for larger spaces, which are not maximized, shooting overhead costs up.

You can also save money by installing central heating and cooling systems instead of in individual offices.

3. To attract the new generation of employees.

Most high-profile companies worldwide have redesigned their offices to meet up with the current trends that most young and enterprising employees find attractive.

The Generation Z workforce prefers contemporary office designs where they can work in a conducive environment. They won’t hesitate to turn down your offers of employment if your office design is non-compliant with modern trends.

4. Interconnectivity between Information and Communication Technology devices and gadgets.

In 2019, we are experiencing an increased need for interconnectivity between various office ICT devices and gadgets that make work more effective and fun.

It would help if you considered redesigning your office to accommodate displays on projectors, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, AV connections, video conferencing, computer networking, and the other technical equipment.

The signals received from these devices and gadgets are usually weak in the traditional office designs. If you’re looking for an office space for lease Chicago, this factor should be among the list of your top considerations as Chicago citizens have an appetite for technology.

5. Healthier offices

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Owners and agents of most office spaces for lease in Chicago highlight the fact that they provide ‘green’ offices that will be quite healthy for you, your employees, your clients, and the environment as well.

A green office is attained with distinct species of flowers and plants that purify the air and create a beautiful, ambient environment where work can be done comfortably and more efficiently. A green office environment reduces fatigue and boosts the morale of the workforce.

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