Top 10 Trendy Office Decor Ideas

The main goal of all business owners is to design a lively and practical office space. There are several commercial fit out companies in Melbourne offering custom furniture and help with office designs. Although it is key to select the right furniture, several other factors play a crucial role in designing the perfect office space.

There are many sources from where you can find office ideas like magazines, social media, etc. However, it is best to consult the experts and the executives of various departments prior to selecting the perfect office fit-out for your firm. This article provides more information on the top trendy office decor ideas.

Top 10 Trendy Office Decor Ideas

1. Strategic lighting: Employees tend to prefer bright work-spaces. However, since the office fit-out of each business is bound to be different; it is important to place the lights in your office at strategic places. At the same time, designing your space to allow natural light to the entire office will also work in your favour.

2. Cubicles vs Open space: A cubicle is very restrictive and although this was a popular design at one point in time it is not trending these days. Designing an open floor space instead allows for greater interaction with fellow employees and also helps improve the work atmosphere and productivity.

3. Bright Colours: Pick the colours strategically that fits well the atmosphere you wish to create. Opting for bright colours will usually work in your favour since such colours are perfect for creating a good working space and improving productivity.

4. Create a good atmosphere: It is vital the employees feel calm and confident in their working space. Design your office space to reflect this. Since employees spend a major part of their day at the office it is important to consider every aspect to ensure high productivity and good team spirit. Besides designing static office fit out also allow the employees to light up and play games this can be board games or punching bags to reduce stress, etc. Allowing them to wear slippers at work can also make them feel more comfortable. Every minor element contributes to creating the perfect atmosphere at your workspace.

5. Smart interior: It is not uncommon for offices to design their offices in a unique manner these days, one that is a break from the normal routine. The designs these days are quite whimsical, stylish, iconic and use popular models of furniture.

6. Encourages team building: The key to ensuring your office design is a success is to design it well. Amongst other factors it should encourage team building. This can be done by creating chill out areas like a basketball net, table football, darts, lounge area, etc.

7. Unique & industry-specific: It is common knowledge that one design does not fit all since every office space is unique. Besides which the design also depends a great deal on the type of industry as well. It is important not to forget the key requirements of your industry while considering the current trends of office space design. One can also seek professional help to personalise their office space to give it character and ensure it reflects what the company is all about.

8. Cozy, convenient, and ergonomic furniture: Ensure the lounge area is cozy with soothing shades with rounded design instead of sharp forms. Pay attention to the health and emotional state of the employees while selecting the furniture. It is important to ensure the furniture is ergonomic. For example, if you buy a chair, ensure its height is adjustable, back is flexible and armrests are adjustable too. 

9. Vibrant office fit out: The professionals can help design a vibrant office with ease of access. They have the expertise and ability to understand an employee’s needs and will ensure all what they need is easily reachable. They will strategically design a good storage space as well. Design offices fit out as per the type of commercial space like either corporate, financial, government, health centre, laboratory, legal place, IT firm, etc.

10. Innovative and cost-effective office fit out in Melbourne: Keep an eye on the cost when designing the state-of-the-art design; especially for those on a tight budget. A good office fit-out does not necessarily have to be expensive. One can be creative and innovative and still design their office space to ensure it is innovative and yet practical.

Benefits of Trusting professionals

The professionals have a great deal of experience delivering custom commercial fit out for the office. They have a deep understanding of a business’s requirements and limitations hence will design it accordingly. Besides which they will ensure the project is completed in a timely manner and as per your budget. Hiring professionals to help with design of office space will ensure peace of mind and high productivity.

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