You And Your Masticating Juicer – The Shelf Life Of Your Juice And How To Increase It

There is no doubt that juicing has a lot of impressive health benefits to offer those who do it. In fact, it is one way to absorb the natural nutrients found in fruits and veggies that are capable of boosting the immune system. Through juicing, especially when using a juicer that squeezes every part of your whole fruit- you give to your body those enzymes which aid digestion and are trapped deep in the fiber of fruits and vegetables and are usually disposed of when consumed whole.

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With all this being said, it is important to know that all these benefits only come with fresh juice especially once you juice with the best of fruits and vegetables. Now, knowing fully well that consuming fresh juice is an excellent way of consuming a massive amount of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. You might want to juice in more quantities thereby storing your fresh juice for future purposes. However, (as a masticating juicer user) before you begin juicing fresh fruits and vegetables for future purposes, you must first ask yourself the question ‘How long can you keep juice from a masticating juicer?’ While it is better to consume your fresh juice just as soon as your juicer is done extracting them, you might need to store some for one reason or the other. To understand how long you can keep a juice that comes from a masticating juicer, you first need to understand the factors that affect the life of your fresh juice.

Factors Affecting The Shelf Life Of Your Fresh Juice

1. Heat and Air

After extracting your juice and pour it into the container you want to store, it is important to keep it in your fridge. The heat will definitely have an effect on your juice thereby reducing its life span. Additionally, your juice should be kept in an airtight container. Air is another factor that affects the shelf life of your juice as a result of some chemical changes that could occur if your juice is exposed to air.

2. Oxidation Factor

This is simply a detailed explanation of the air factor mentioned above. When your fruit and vegetables or even your juice itself after extracting is been exposed to air, oxidation occurs which will definitely reduce the life span of your juice. There is no way to escape oxidation as it even occurs during the extraction process in the juicer unless you are using a twin gear juicer. Oxidation even occurs when you are done juicing and pouring your juice in a container. The longer your juice stays on the shelf, the more oxidation that will occur. However, there are certain methods that can be used to reduce the oxidation process.

3. Juicer Type

The type of juicer you use in extracting your juice also plays an important role in the shelf life of your juice. Oxidation is known to readily occur in centrifugal juicers due to the high speed of their spinning blades thereby making a centrifugal juicer to have a great impact on the life of the juice in which it was used. When it comes to juicer types, a juice made by a centrifugal juicer will last up to 24 hours, while that which was made with a masticating juicer would last up to 48 hours. On the other hand, when using a twin gear juicer is used, your juice will last for a whole 4 to 5 days. This is because this kind of juicer protects against oxidation.

Reducing The Oxidation Process On Your Juice To The Minimum Level

While it is impossible to avoid oxidation, it is quite possible to have it under control. The methods listed below are some ways to reduce the oxidation process on your juice thereby offering them the chance to last longer.

1. Pour In Some Drops Of Citrus

Ascorbic acid popularly known as vitamin C is readily available in citrus fruits. Pouring the juice from citrus fruit like an orange into your fresh juice will enhance its life span. This is because ascorbic acid is a good natural preservative.

2. Add Some Fiber From The Pulp

By now, you should know that the fiber in the pulp has some health benefits and should not be thrown away. Another great news is that adding this fiber to your juice will also increase its shelf life. In fact, the more fiber you put into your juice, the longer your juice will last in your fridge.

3. Make Use Of An Airtight Container

It has been established earlier that your juice should be stored in an airtight container to increase its life. This is true and should be practiced.

There you are! You now have your answer to the question ‘How long can you keep juice from a masticating juicer?’ Juice from a masticating juicer can last up to 48 hours, and reducing oxidation using the methods above would be of great help.

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