livelihood trainingsThe Department of Labor and Employment reports that the number of unemployed persons in July 2009 was estimated at 2.9 million persons, higher by 6.3 percent than the estimate reported last year of the same survey period at 2.7 million persons. In addition, there is an estimated half a million graduates who would be looking for a job giving the country an approximate 7.7 percent unemployment rate for the year 2009 from 7.4 percent in 2008. Even worst, more and more Filipinos are being displaced by companies everyday here and abroad.

Faced with this kind of problem, Filipinos are left with no choice but to find other means to earn a living. One good option is to create your own business and be your own boss. There are business agencies and government institutions that make livelihood training programs available to those who are committed to start their own business. This would be the answer to the growing unemployment rate in the country.

This will help many aspiring young entrepreneurs to learn lessons from business operation to entrepreneurship as well as marketing. Most of these business and livelihood training agencies offered courses from entrepreneurship, product development, marketing and financing. They also have available brochures, booklets and CDs that would help and guide aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs in starting and executing their business. To generate even a wider reach, some of these agencies established their own TV program aired over different television shows aiming to create a livelihood opportunities for more Filipinos.

Below are agencies that offer detailed and specific training programs on livelihood skills and technologies, as well as business management. Some of these business agencies also offer Free Business and Livelihood Trainings. Should you be interested in attending these programs, you can call the following organizations or visit their websites:

Don’t lose hope. Being jobless is not the end of your life, this may even be the biggest blessing in disguise for you. Face the challenge. Start now by enrolling at the courses offered by business agencies, and open a small business that could be your ladder of success.