MANILA, Philippines (October 6, 2015)

Innovating, disrupting and being sustainable is the way to success. While Tesla invested their resources to build electric cars and stations and becoming one of the leading sustainable car brands globally, Volkswagen invested in a diesel-emissions scandal.

To create smart, entrepreneurial innovations, which have a positive impact LBC Express partners with Impact Hub Manila to launch the start-up incubator’s very first fellowship program. The ‘Impact Hub Manila Fellowship on Innovation in Mobility with LBC’ aims to discover and cultivate the most innovative business ideas that provide sustainable development in order to promote, support, and implement adaptive solutions to issues of logistics and mobility.

“We recognize that there is a great need for a global-minded incubator, which focuses on social enterprises, to support and reinforce the growing and hugely talented sector,” explains LizAn Kuster, one of the co-founders of Impact Hub Manila.

Applications are now open for the “Impact Hub Fellowship on Innovation in Mobility with LBC.” To pioneer Impact Hub Manila’s Fellowship programs, they are looking for entrepreneurial ideas on mobility, offering participants a chance to win more than P1 Million worth of fellowship prizes and earn guidance from a community of professionals and supporting corporations. The grand prize includes a twelve month stimulating workspace at Impact Hub Manila, living stipend, and access to seed funding, focused skill development and valuable networks. “We are supporting entrepreneurs, without taking any shares, to ensure the growth of the companies,” LizAn Kuster is highlighting.

Impact Hub Manila and LBC partnered up to initiate collaboration among established corporations and emerging start-ups. The two realized that collaboration is key to the advancement of mobility innovation and its continued development in the future. Because worsening traffic conditions in Metro Manila contribute to several major problems encountered by Filipinos in their day to day lives, the Fellowship program has decided to focus on finding opportunities and creating innovative solutions to such logistical challenges. These solutions could address the following areas, not limited to the constant dilemma of commuting: energy & resources efficiency in general transport, methods to optimize traffic flow, smarter transportation management, value chain innovation, and improvements to supply and distribution channels.

“As a company that prides itself in continuously seeking ways to transform the industry and pioneer new ways to improve our service, we wanted to become part of the Impact Hub initiative that will cultivate ingenuity and help participants focus it into something tangible,” says Dino G. Araneta, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer of LBC.

The application is open for individuals or teams anywhere in the world. However, they should be able to work in Manila, where the fellowship will take place. Interested innovators may apply at: http://www.impacthub.ph/program-fellowship

Furthermore, on October 15, 2015 the idea development workshop is taking place, which supports innovators to improve their concept, they can register now: http://on.fb.me/1NiOlau

The Fellowship will be executed in three phases:

Application starts from October 1 until November 15, 2015. During this phase, we invite everyone interested to benefit from an ideation workshop, where participants will learn how to conceptualize their ideas with a clear business approach. From all applications received, up to 12 candidates will be invited to a pitching workshop, to prepare them for a presentation in front of a professional jury panel where 3 finalists will be selected. These finalists will then enter the cohort phase.

The cohort phase is an intensive 3-month acceleration phase, targeting the development of a full-fledged business model and/or prototype, as well as other key competences and start-up skills. Furthermore, finalists gain access to a personal coach, valuable networks, and a stimulating workspace at Impact Hub Manila. At the end of this phase, the Impact Hub Fellow will be selected, who will then enter the Incubation phase.

The goal for the Fellow during the 9-month Incubation phase is to build a management team, found a legal entity, develop/test a prototype and/or enter the market, and secure additional funding as well as customer contacts. During this phase, the Fellow receives significant seed funding as well as connections to peer entrepreneurs, mentors, and other beneficial contacts. These relationships, combined with focused skill development and access to a vibrant community of change-makers in an inspiring work atmosphere, will help facilitate the start-up of a thriving social business.

For more details about the Fellowship, please check our website at:

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