5 Tips for Purchasing Wholesale Office Supplies

Big businesses have a huge demand for office supplies. Whether it is for your company use or your own retail office supplies business, buying in bulk will surely save you time and money.

Buying office supplies wholesale saves time because when you purchase a large quantity, there is no need to keep reordering as often as you have to when you buy retail. It also saves money as big discounts are given to those who order in bulk. There are numerous wholesale stores out there as there are also so many businesses needing these necessary materials. One wholesale supplier would be Close Outs which sell school and office supplies in bulk at extremely low prices. Click here to check out their great selection of wholesale office supplies. Here are five tips to guide you when purchasing wholesale school and office supplies.

  1.  Take a look around.

If it is your first time to buy in bulk, compare prices first by visiting different sites which offer wholesale office supplies. That way, you can check the variety of their products depending on your needs and check which supplier can give you the best deal for your money. Most suppliers nowadays, if not all, have an online presence which is more accessible to customers like you and other businesses who need supplies in bulk. You can also check out if they have brick and mortar presence if you need to inspect if they have the quality of products that you need. You can also find other sources of vendors at trade exhibits in your area.

  1. Make sure that the store is legitimate.

Buying anything online has become the trend these days, maybe because of its accessibility and saves time, too. But before you press that checkout button, make sure that the

site or store that you are ordering from is legitimate. Look for review sites and other resellers which can recommend the stores which deliver the goods; else you may lose bulk money.

  1.  Check inventory quality.

It is great that you get discounts for the bulk sales of supplies, but make sure that what you bought will bring you profit and not a liability. Usually, review sites will give you information

about what quality the suppliers give. Make sure to know the kind of product guarantees the company offers or the lack of it. It is also a good idea to know beforehand if you can return products delivered which are off quality. If the vendor will not take back the items which are not saleable, they will have to be deducted from the profits. It is best to look for return and exchange policies.

  1.  Inspect store sales and closeouts.

It is not uncommon for wholesale supply websites to post closeouts and sales. The great discounts you may get may be tempting, but it is good to scrutinize first why the products are on sale. Check if products are damaged or expiring soon because you don’t want to buy things that will eventually just go to waste even if you bought them at a low price.

  1. Avail of wholesale or quantity discounts.

Wholesale discount is different from quantity discount. With wholesale discounts, you get a 50 percent discount on products, but you need to place a large order first. Plus, it requires a business license and a state tax license to have access the wholesale product section of the website. Quantity discounts, on the other hand, means getting a discount based on the quantity of products you purchase. It does not usually reach 50 percent, but it has no minimum opening order. The choice depends on the quantity needed by the office or the resale business’ capability and stability to buy wholesale or otherwise.

With that said, purchasing wholesale office supplies gives a significant edge in terms of saving time and money for both offices and businesses.


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