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How To Make Cake (Food Business)

Cake is one of the most important dessert for any special occasion. Whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding celebration or an anniversary. Occasions like these without cake is not complete. Cakes play an important...


Banana Flour Making

Banana fruit is a horticultural commodity that can be processed and preserved to expand its marketing value. Various processed banana products have already been developed, such as, sun-dried banana and banana crispy. A new product...


How to Make Cupcake Towels

Cupcake towels that “looks so tasty”. These cakes are actually towels that are exquisitely designed to look just like real cakes. Cupcake towels are the perfect innovative dessert souvenirs for any occasion. They can make...


Easy Cheezy Rice Pie

How to make easy cheezy rice cake, a fantastic, delicious, mouth-watering rice recipe that you will surely like. Easy Cheezy Rice Pie Ingredients: 2 cups hot cooked rice ½ grated cheese ¼ tsp salt ¼...


Tuna Fish Cake

These tuna fish cakes are easy to make and can be a good business idea too. Tuna fish is an excellent source of protein as well as B vitamins and omega 3. Try this tuna...

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