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business permits and licenses

Business Permits and Licenses

To make your business legal and fully functional there are several government agencies you have to register with depending on the type of your business. These are the following: DEPARTMENT OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY (DTI) Bureau of Trade Regulation and Consumer Protection (BTRCP). You may secure and accomplish their application...


How to Make Soyanaise- Soyannaise Recipe

Soyanaise, a soy-based cream that can be used as a spread, dressing or dip, is very easy to prepare. Soyanaise making can be a good business venture to start because you can supply the product to so many restaurants and stores that need it for their salads and healthy sandwiches...


How to Start a Drugstore Business

A drugstore is one of the most stable businesses because medicines are a necessity, and demand for these is continuously increasing as our population grows larger. The majority of those who enter this business are pharmacists or doctors because they know a lot about medicine. However, while knowledge of medicine...


Dried Mango – Sweet Dried Mangoes

Dehydrated or dried mango is made from the pulp of ripe carabao mangoes dried through the principle of osmosis followed by drying with the use of a cabinet electric dryer. The finished product is golden yellow with a semi-translucent, plump appearance with a chewable texture that is neither crisp nor leathery, and a flavor characteristic of sweetened mango.


Tilanggit: The next big hit in the local market

Dried squid and danggit are two of the popular and high-value processed fishery products patronized by Filipinos due to its distinct taste, aroma, and crispiness. But have you heard of this new product called tilanggit ? Tilanggit , also known as tilapiang dinanggit (Oreochromis niloticus ), was inspired from how...


Five Ways To Effectively Measure Customer Service

Effective customer service will be evident when you find you are having repeat customers. If you have a lot of earnings that suddenly drop off, then you’ll know you need to do something to pick up the pace as this is a signal to you that customer service needs some...


The Marketing Mix: Ingredients for Success

The marketing mix, earlier known as the 4 p’s, (but now has a few more), is a vital part of any marketing strategy. This is a tool whereby the marketer takes decisions on what and how a product should be, where it can be sold, how it should be priced,...

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5 Steps to Developing Effective Marketing Strategies

Setting out clear marketing strategies is a crucial step for any business, not least for smaller businesses. While having a clear marketing strategy doesn’t guarantee success, research shows that it’s a key ingredient in improving your odds of profitable growth. In short, a successful marketing strategy ensures a need in...


Develop These Sure Fire Ways To Attract Good Business Ideas You Can Start Today

Wouldn’t you like to have a surefire way to attract good business ideas whenever you need them? Not all business ideas, no matter how good they may look or sound at the time, will turn out to be ‘good’ ideas as at first thought. While there is no magic formula as such, are there steps you can follow to help you find your best and ideal money-making business idea? I think there are.


How to Invent a Product

To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk. ~ Thomas Edison Here’s a step-by-step guide for transforming your idea into a real invention, which you can make, sell or patent. Steps 1. Start by keeping a journal. Whenever you have an idea, jot it down and...