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Google rankings

Proven Ways to Boost Your Google Rankings

In this age, everyone looks for products and services online before they even visit a physical store. It is important to have your business online so that you can meet the needs of these consumers and make more profits. However, it is not just enough to be online because you...

business of marketing

5 Tips For Improving Your Website’s Content

So many people these days have a blog or a website for personal use. It is a really fun hobby to have and a good way of keeping in touch with your family and friends. But websites are also crucial for businesses these days and if your business doesn’t have...


A brief guide for choosing keywords that are right for optimization

Everyone implementing SEO must do keyword research that has been a mandatory exercise from the first day of SEO. The level of research may vary according to user needs, but you must do it.  The quality of content and context are what matters the most. However, it is also essential...

link building and beyond

Link Building and Beyond: Strategies for Your Business to Stand Out

The face of business has drastically changed over the years. Relying on print and TV ads for marketing is already a thing of the past; today, businesses should create a strong online presence in order to gain the traction they need. The Internet is the most convenient and accessible platform...


How to Keep Your SEO Clients Coming Back

People come and go but that’s the thing we don’t want to happen to us when it comes to business clients. As much as possible, we want to keep serving them. We seek to be that business where clients keep on coming back. After all, their retention indicates that we...


White Hat SEO: What You Need To Know

For most people, the internet is a place where businesses create and manage websites that have their brand name. Then they research on ways to increase the traffic of their website, to basically let more people know about their brand. The most common way of increasing your website’s visibility is...