How To Find Your Perfect Customer

Target customerWhen you are marketing your business, you always want to have an idea as to whom you are targeting. You have to figure out who would realistically be interested in your products; who would be most likely to be the purchasing agent of your services?

Figuring this out will end up saving you a lot of advertising money, time, and head-aches.

You see, too often businesses fail because they are convinced that “if they build it, people will come.” They spend all their time, effort, and energy building a product, convinced that there are people out there who’ll buy it.

Then, without doing any studies on their potential clients and who they are, these businesses mass market their products!

The result? Hundreds and thousands of marketing dollars wasted trying to “sell steaks to a doctor”. See, it’s not that the product is not worthy. It’s just that without doing any research, these businesses:

1. have no idea if there is a need for that product, and
2. have no idea how to get in touch with those people who would be interested in the product.

So before you even start thinking about spending money marketing, conjure up an image of the perfect customer for your products/services. Understand where they are coming from. Ask yourself:

1. What problems of theirs can I help solve?
2. What questions of theirs can I help answer?
3. How do I relate to them?
4. What is my unique selling point (USP)?
5. Why should they give a $#!+ about you and your product/service?
6. Why would they want to give a $#!+?

Answering these questions will help you in writing and coming up with the marketing campaign for your ideal customer.

Another Important issue is: Prepare yourself

Expose yourself to others who have already experienced it. If someone has overcome odds or obstacles or constantly wins under pressure, don’t you want to know why or how? You should! Spend at least 20- 30-minutes a day, EVERY DAY reading and/or listening to someone that inspires you toward greatness. Don’t sell yourself short and say, “but I’m just so busy, I just don’t have the time.” If you don’t do this, you are killing yourself, cheating yourself, and robbing yourself of your potential. Don’t screw this up. Focus on working hard on you!

Reinvent yourself: This method is very interesting. It’s much like acting. It allows you to see from a new set of eyes or become a resident in a new neighborhood. Think about this for a moment. As a child or teen, you were picked on and not very popular and everyone in your town knew you and what you were like. Even though you began to change and you were “cooler” than you used to be, you couldn’t easily change that image. However, if you moved to another neighborhood far away, you could then reinvent yourself, couldn’t you? You could create the image or persona that YOU wanted.

Whether it be real or acting, reinventing yourself does work. If you feel you are weak, shy, timid, or unsuccessful, reinvent yourself. Start today seeing from a new set of eyes, become a resident in a new neighborhood. Be what you want to be, not what you are. Actors do this all the time. It’s exactly what they do. Their careers are based on reinventing themselves. Act the part that you want to play…and start doing it today.

Last 2 paragraph are important to built yourself before find your perfect customer

Now and Finally……

A pre-filter weeds out the people who are NOT interested in what you have to offer – thereby saving you marketing dollars.

Online marketing makes this process very painless, precise, inexpensive, and simple.

For starters, realize that a chunk of Internet marketing is done via the search engines (such a Google, Yahoo, and Bing just to name a few). This means, people come online with questions in mind – questions for which they are desperately seeking answers for.

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  1. Thanks to the author for an interesting and informative post. Read with pleasure,learned a lot new.

  2. The “I’m just too busy” excuse… I’ve been fighting this for sometime now… And though I could still sell, I just somehow find myself spooked by some previous failures. Thanks for the advice on listening to someone that inspires me… 20 to 30 minutes before I engage… I guess it should help…
    .-= Every Peso Counts´s last blog ..Learning The Stock Market, Stock Exchange Game =-.

  3. Scarlet says:

    You are very right about knowing your customer saving you money on advertising. It also helps to make sure you stay on track with new offerings.

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