Can an Animated Explainer Video Maker Enhance Your Marketing Strategies? Top 6 Key Statistics

Today we want to ask you a direct question, of course, if you don’t mind. Do you implement “hard selling techniques” too frequently to attract new sales for your products or services? If yes, you might be making a negative impression in your target audience’s mind without even knowing it. “But how could that be possible,” you might ask. Well, just to let you know, the “hard selling tactics,” like “limited time only,” “don’t miss out,” “buy now before time runs out,” and “get yours now before it’s too late,” often intimidate and scare off your prospective buyers. Thus, it results in creating undesirable feelings for your brand and making repeat sales quite challenging to evoke. What else? Since most customers are savvier these days than they were earlier, it is no less than an uphill battle to make them believe in your “hard selling hype” and convince them to buy your products. So, the question arises, what should you do instead of experimenting with harsh selling methods? Buy an Animated Explainer Video Maker. Simple.

With such excellent software at your disposal, you can create scores of animated videos using different voices and characters to educate your prospective buyers about your products or services. Since animated videos simplify the complex concepts and data through easily understandable visuals, online users like to view them to know about your business stories and the features, benefits, or USPs of your products. Thus, once they get engaged with the visuals created by a superb Animated Explainer Video Maker, the chances are high they will put their money on your offerings.

And what if hundreds, if not thousands, of your website visitors start doing “exactly” the same every day? Can you imagine how massive the client base you can form? And more importantly, how humongous your sales figures will “look like?” So, if you want to turn your expectations into reality very soon, don’t delay investing in a feature-rich Animated Explainer Video Maker.

With that discussed, it’s time to look at some instrumental numbers that will encourage you to spend on Explainer Video Making Software:

What are some critical statistics describing the importance of video in your marketing strategy?

  1. Over 500 million users watch several videos on Facebook daily
  2. Around 78% of internet users engage with videos every week
  3. 90% of online customers say videos help them make a buying decision about a specific product or service effortlessly
  4. 81% of companies include video content in their marketing plan
  5. Using the word “video” in an email subject line can boost its opening rate by almost 19%
  6. Short videos on your landing page can grow your conversions by over 80%

How can an animated explainer video maker improve your marketing strategies?

  1. By putting it up on your Home Page

Uploading an animated explainer video on your homepage is a mind-blowing idea as it allows you to inform your potential customers what exactly your company does briefly. Not just that, it also let them know what value you offer to each of your buyers through your products or services. Since reading long textual content is often time-consuming, people usually prefer watching digital videos for learning purposes.

  1. By creating a sales pitch video for your Landing Page 

Do you know what the most desirable thing about animated explainer videos is? It ensures to deliver your brand’s message effectively to your target audience even though it is a “bit” complicated. That’s not all; if you want, you can also make the most of animated videos to enlighten your possible buyers about your intangible products in an easy-to-digest manner.

  1. By including informative videos in your Blog

It’s no secret that your company’s Blog plays an integral role in building brand awareness, establishing credibility, and forming an image of a thought leader in your niche sector. But you must know that this space is not just appropriate for textual content. You can also create videos for your blog page on a wide range of customer-concerned topics, addressing their problems in a “unique” way. If possible, also include how do the features of your product or service can resolve their issues.

  1. By making a promotional explainer video for your Social Media Channels

If you are looking for a promising way to market and sell your products, the promotional videos could be a great addition to your marketing strategy. Not only that, but they are also suitable for retargeting purposes. “In fact,” 83% of marketers say that promotional explainer videos generate a positive ROI for them whenever they create and share it on different social media platforms.

Last thoughts 

We hope you learned plenty of things in this blog post ranging from how animated explainer videos help market your products to some crucial statistics describing their importance. So, if you want to purchase animated video-making software now, please get in touch with the number-one animated video maker vendor in the USA as soon as possible.


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