Discover Why Your Business Needs Explainer Videos

You can also use an explainer video in your email marketing campaigns to introduce new product features. Additionally, explainer videos are ideal for website backgrounds to make the site architecture more interactive and innovative. The video can showcase your values, how the product works, and tell your brand story. When looking for a company for your explainer videos, let’s dig deeper into why you need these videos.

Grab attention

Managing to grab attention is an invaluable asset for businesses today. However, this doesn’t come easy. The multitudes of competitors in the market make it quite challenging to make people notice your brand in the best way possible. Using enticing explainer videos is a smart way to grab the attention of your target audience amidst the various advertisements from competitors. 

The brain is usually more hooked to entertaining videos compared to regular content all over the internet. A compelling explainer video on your landing page will entice visitors to watch it. This awakens curiosity while offering them insight into your product or service. You have to find videographer in Nottingham for quality explainer videos that won’t slow down your page load time. 

Explanation complex topics

For products such as specialized equipment and software with technical terms, an explainer video offers customers a detailed explanation. Understanding how the product works increases the chances of getting orders. This is because the video gives customers strong reasons to purchase the product. 

Watching an explainer video allows visitors is fun while offering something new to learn about your product or service. Besides, animated explainer videos bring ideas into real life. This is very important because the brain process visuals 50,000 times faster than looking at text. So, offering explainer videos gives your target audience easy-to-process content they can understand easily. 

Boasting SEO

Every business owner struggles to come on top in the search engine results. Achieving this is not for the faint-hearted. You need to have the right strategies such as embedding an explainer video. Google loves videos and will shower you with a lot of traffic if you have videos on your site. Besides, about 50 percent of visitors will find your site and spend more time on your site if you have videos

An exciting short video keeps people glued to your site which has a positive impact on your reputation in search engines. Organic traffic from videos portrays that your targeted marketing is effective with visitors coming to your site from search engines. Engaging with the videos on your site highlights the value of your services or products and increases the chances of getting orders. 

Brand imprint

Content published on your site has a purpose to convey your message. And, it should stay in the minds of the visitors. One of the best tools to imprint your brand in the minds of your target audience is through explainer videos. Visitors are more likely to take action after watching a video with a valuable message. 

The ideal explainer video should break down your product concept and stick in the minds of viewers to get a good return on investment. Keep in mind that people never hesitate to share what they learn from your videos thus encouraging free word-of-mouth marketing. 

Taps into mobile users

According to Cybercrew.UK, 87 percent of adults in the UK owned a smartphone in 2020. And, this number has significantly grown by the time of writing this article. People can do almost everything with a smart device today. Luckily, mobile users love videos including the explainer type. However, content appropriate for mobile devices requires optimization to reduce load time. You have to enlist the services of a professional video production company for explainer videos. These should fit screens for mobile devices to give visitors a great user experience.  

Boost conversion rate

Getting a good return on investment requires getting conversions. However, achieving this doesn’t come easy. You have to offer visitors inspiration to convert. A great idea to boost sales and engagement is to place an explainer video on your landing page. This has the potential to boost the conversion rate by about 80 percent.

However, the quality of your video matters a lot. A crappy video will only give you negative results and dent your brand image. So, you need a professional video production company to create quality videos.  Integrating an exciting explainer video on your landing page is the trick to give you a good return on investment. 

Marketing strategies are diverse today. With every business online, you have to be creative to stand out from the pack. Investing in quality explainer videos is a wonderful solution. 


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