Homogenizer Mixer Machine: Its Advantages and A Guide on How to Purchase One

Back in 1922, Stephen Poplawski invented the homogenizer mixer machine to help the intensive mixing process. The machine went through complex innovations to give it more potential functions. Homogenizer mixer machine works through making a narrow space where the sample is forced to go through. The multiple forces the mixture go through are turbulence, cavitation, and high pressure. This process creates a high-quality end product for industries.

Homogenizer Mixer Machine: Its Advantages and A Guide on How to Purchase One 1

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How is Homogenizer Mixer Machine an Advantage?

Industries can take advantage of the impressive capabilities a homogenizer mixer machine can do. These industries offer end-products like cosmetics, food and beverage, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.


Homogenizer machines produce the required texture and stability of cosmetic products. The high-pressure it provides is essential to stabilize and preserve the oils of the ingredients. Thus, beauty creams, nail varnishes, lotions, shampoos, and other cosmetic products have superior stability and longer shelf life.

Homogenizer Mixer Machine: Its Advantages and A Guide on How to Purchase One 2

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Food and Beverage

We are fond of consuming homogenized milk. Homogenization prevents the cream layering from separating, making the milk delicious, aromatic, and with a longer shelf life. Thus, the dairy industry is one of the sectors that use homogenizer mixer machines.

Moreover, other food and beverage products use homogenization to introduce pressure on the products instead of using heat. Pressure preserves the flavor, nutrient content, and chemical structure of the food and beverage. Food and beverage manufacturers need a homogenizer mixer machine as they produce a large scale of food and beverage.

Using a homogenizer in your food and beverage manufacturing introduces you to a cost-effective process.

Development of Pharmaceutical Drugs

Today, diseases and health problems of any kind are emerging out of nowhere. Thus, researchers around the globe are continuously working on preventing and developing reactive treatments to these known diseases and disorders. Homogenizers are a great help in developing drugs, especially in the homogenization of vaccines.

The development of pharmaceutical drugs is an incredible yet challenging work. Manufacturing drugs require large-scale homogenizer mixer machines to produce large amounts of products. Moreover, it requires powerful mixing and particle size reduction.

Thus, researchers and drug manufacturers need access to industrial-scale homogenizer mixer machines to start a successful clinical trial.

The above use and advantages of homogenizer mixer machines, especially in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industry, requires a sanitary system to follow. Most industries that use industrial homogenizer needs to comply with 3-A and CGMP standards. This sanitary system requirement is required to support product development and prevent cross-contamination.

Things to Consider When Buying a Homogenizer Mixer Machine

There are several factors you need to determine to choose which homogenizer mixer machine is the right one for the application. Here are the factors you need to consider before you purchase one.

 Ask and ponder the reason the company needs a homogenizer. 

Some of the benefits of a homogenizer machine are longer shelf life, reduced sedimentation, and improved viscosity. These features of the homogenizer are best for companies with end products like juices and ice cream. However, you have to understand what your product needs if it needs a mixer or a homogenizer.

Consider the Watts or motor size of the machine.

Motor size is measured in Watts or powers. You need to remember that knowing the application is essential in determining the motor size you need. If you process thick and viscous ingredients, then you will need a higher power as it can strain the motor.

Speed Control and Range (rpm)

In most homogenizers, speed control is a standard feature. Mechanical homogenizer needs to start the mixing process at a slow rate and gradually increase its speed. Thus, you need to get one that allows you to control the speed and range precisely. However, you also have to remember that not all applications need maximum speed.

Processing range or Volume Capacity (mL)

You have to consider the amount of the ingredients that need to undergo homogenization. Some homogenizers that can handle microliters to thousands of liters. However, for the machine to match the processing range of the application, an appropriate generator is needed. The generator varies to the volume capacity of the homogenizer to use energy efficiently.

Homogenizers that generate a huge volume capacity needs a different generator that can homogenize a microliter range.

Sound level (dB)

It is best to manage the noise generated by the homogenizer mixer machine to improve its overall efficiency and the working environment. You need to consider the hearing threshold of your employers.

Weight (in kgs) and Dimensions (in mm)

The weight and size of the homogenizer mixer machines vary, and what you need is determined by the application you make. Moreover, you should consider the space where you will place the machine. Homogenizer mixer machines used in the industry are heavy-duty and maybe in larger dimensions and heavier weight.

You are here to determine which homogenizer is best for your industry. Ginhong is a well-known supplier of the homogenizer mixer machine. Their equipment is easy to use, and undoubtedly help you produce more in a lesser period. The homogenizers that they offer might be the key benefit to achieve more scale and reproduction for your company. 


Homogenization is essential in preserving the ingredients and producing a longer shelf life as it uses high-pressure and not heat.  If you are handling industries that produce pharmaceutical drugs, cosmetics, or food and beverage, a homogenizer mixer machine is what you need. However, you need to consider factors to guide you in what is the perfect type of homogenizer machine to purchase. 

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