How to Keep Your Employer Data Secure While Working Remotely

Working Remotely

We all agree to a point that remote working could be a business saver but it can have its own challenges. Thanks to new technologies which have helped humans to work virtually from anywhere in the world. Humans and technology, together keeping their best foot forward has made it possible to maintain a healthier work-life balance and to save the cost of physical office.

Now, Employees and Employers enjoy doing their work from home and have helped organizations to hire a much larger talented workforce.

What could be one of the biggest challenges while working from home?

Today, Data Security can be one of the biggest challenges while working from home. Hackers are keeping an eagle eye on the latest technologies and finding new ways to hack those 3% of files which carry the most important data of a client and one of the easiest ways to perform hacking is by sending spam messages or mails to the employees of an organization, in other words ethical hacking.

Data Breaches are quite common today. Companies have to face a loss in brand reputation, money, online vandalism and other hidden costs due to a data breach. One of the biggest data breaches of 21st century which has affected millions are: 

  1. Adobe
  2. Canva
  3. eBay
  4. Equifax
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Marriott International

Employees have to be trained to keep their data secure and learn different methods and techniques to avoid ethical hacking. Training plays an important role where employees should be given all the required training regarding the data protection, and ways to detect the spam email messages. To train employees about cyber security can increase the cost of an organization and will affect productivity too. That will not be an effective method to protect the data and companies are looking for a better way or support to protect their data.

The best solution is:- Managed IT security services

Managed IT security services provide cyber security solutions as they are quite aware of the technologies/servers, creating a better firewall and software that are required to be upgraded on a timely basis to avoid data breach and save the client information.

Designing security systems that use multiple components to protect operations on multiple levels, or layers. This term can also be related to the term defense in path, which is based on multiple strategies and resources are used to slow, blog, delay, or hinder a threat unit and any source of threat or attack can be completely neutralized.

Forming a structure where an individual layer in a multi-layered security approach focuses on a specific area like malware/spyware/ransomware and other viruses could attack. Managed IT services help an organization to design that structure and construct in a way that all attacks can be neutralized by different layers of security. Even if there is change in platform or technologies, these layers work together to tighten security and have a better chance of stopping intruders from breaching your networks than using a single security solution.

In this world of quicksilver technologies, it is crucial for any organization to work on the latest platform and to construct a defense mechanism in a way that all new ways of attacking or spying can be stopped completely.

It will not be an easy task where an organization can focus on their business/productivity and also construct or change the defense mechanism every time to protect their data which includes new programming, methods, layered security approach and other protocols.

Managed IT security service providers are taking care of it. They are working diligently to create such a defense mechanism and helping their client to protect their data. This way they can focus on their major sections and they will always have our back.


Managed IT security services provide best cyber security solutions. To develop a trust between a client and service provider, best services and efforts play an important role. Surely, the best way to serve our clients is by working day/night and keeping a constant track on any source/object/link/method trying to intrude in the network. To improve operational efficiency and minimize the IT issues that hamper your organization’s progress, Managed IT services are great helping hand to the organization

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