6 Business Tips For Your Law Firm

6 Business Tips for Your Law Firm

Most lawyers who start their own law firm haven’t had a lot of business education. While most lawyers definitely know a thing or two about running a business, many lack some essential business skills, which can be essential for rapidly growing your law firm. Below are a few business tips that can help your firm perform better in a competitive market.

Focus on Client Satisfaction

While this may sound obvious, lawyers sometimes forget that they are running a service providing business in which client satisfaction is crucial. Make sure that anyone working for your firm is trained to deal with (sometimes difficult) customers. Providing top quality service is one of the most important aspects of running your firm. Satisfied customers will either rehire your services, or recommend you to their friends, family and colleagues, bringing you more business.

Every Employee is Part of Your Marketing and Sales Team

Everyone in your team connects with people on a daily basis who may be potential clients. It is therefore important that you make sure all your employees are happy in their jobs and proud of what they are doing so they will promote your services to anyone who may need them.

Hire Great People

If you have a great team, it’ll be much easier to perform great work as a firm and to get a steady inflow of clients. If there’s one team member who isn’t performing up to par, this can affect your firm’s overall performance. Therefore it is important to have a rigorous hiring process. If someone is not performing well, don’t immediately fire them, but instead try to coach them. Often they just haven’t received enough guidance to be able to perform their jobs well.

Be a Great Networker

Building relationships inside as well as outside your firm is very important. While making a good impression on everyone you come into contact with won’t necessarily provide you more business in the short term, more than likely you’ll get value out of it in the longer term. People who remember you as being helpful, nice and professional are more likely to recommend you or think of you when a business opportunity arises that you could take part in.

Always Keep Learning

Read books on any kinds of topics, take a course in something that you’re interested in (whether related to the law, business or something completely different such as computer science) and network with people who work in all kinds of different industries. You can learn something from all of these learning activities and while you may not be able to apply everything you learn to your law firm, you may be surprised of how much you actually can.

Take a Break

Even though it may feel like there is always something to work on, it is important to take enough time off work each and every day. Go play some sports, spend time with family and friends or just read a book. While once and a while you probably can’t avoid to pull an all-nighter, don’t make this a habit, because eventually it will catch up with you. Also encourage your employees to not stay in the office until late at night every day, but go home and take a break instead. This will help increase employee happiness and productivity over the long run.

Zane Schwarzlose is a writer at Alamo Injury Attorneys, a personal injury law firm in San Antonio, Texas. Zane is glad he doesn’t have to worrry about managing a law firm.

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