How Can Drivers Avoid Truck Accidents

It can be considered how transportation is already part of the culture of everyone all over the world. Toyota Fortuner in the Philippines has already become a top choice for users in the country due to its convenience and quality. Whatever your personal car might be, it’s unavoidable to face certain road accidents out there. One of the riskiest transportations out there is trucks. Follow these steps on how drivers can avoid truck accidents in major roads here.


The always and never:

  1. Always check whether your car works well make sure the wheels, engine, gas, mirrors, brakes, and lights are in good condition before stepping on your vehicle to get to your destination.
  2. Never neglect the use of signal lights and side mirrors while driving.
  3. Always keep distance from truck drivers because their brakes changes from time to time which might cause accidents if ever you get to close to them.
  4. Never overtake in highways especially when cars are speeding.
  5. Always anticipate when you think a truck will turn, same with you when you turn nearby a truck.
  6. Never be too close to the sides of trucks because most of their mirrors or windshields have blind spots, making it difficult for them to see cars pass by them.
  7. Always check the signal lights of truck to so whether they’ll take a turn. However, if unfortunately the lights of the trucks don’t work, check the wheels or if they made a slight turn to the other lane.
  8. Never tailgate a truck anywhere, even in parking lots. It is extremely dangerous to be too close to them because of their huge cargos on their back and how there’s a huge possibility the truck drivers cannot see you.
  9. Always be alert with the transportations nearby.
  10. Never use your headlights if you allow the truck to change to your lane to let them know it is okay with you.
  11. Always remember that the brakes and accelerators of trucks are not the same with most transportation so it is up to you to adjust to them.
  12. Never be invisible to these trucks. Let them know you’re near them by flashing your lights or beeping.
  13. Always use your common sense whenever you drive. It’s critically wrong to try to challenge truck drivers, such as bullying way past them.

Friendly reminders

All of these are friendly reminders to let all drivers out there to become aware of their surroundings especially on the roads. Take note that their large load on the back of the trucks is extremely heavy and can cause harm to drivers who aren’t cautious. Let your family and loved ones who drive be aware of these friendly reminders that will surely help them along the way.

As you keep all these driving tips in mind, you will definitely be safer compared to others who don’t notice these tips. However, if sadly some unfortunate incidence occurs, don’t be too worried because it will get well in the future no matter how much the damage cost. Just drive safely and be aware all the time!


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