Knowing UAE – One of the best places to work

Are you a graduate and considering working abroad? The perfect place for you to look for a job is the UAE. So how does one get a job in the UAE then?

The UAE is a good country with towering buildings, a large expatriate and vast deserts. Those who would want to work in the UAE would need to learn the religious and cultural beliefs of the citizens.

Most expatriates are sponsored and do work on contract basis and at the end of the contract mostly a service gratuity for all they have done.

Where can one work in the UAE?

The UAE is rich in oil and petroleum products and this has been used to mostly fund the country’s construction to make it a major tourist attraction. The UAE is one of the world’s leading exporter and importer.

Getting jobs in UAE can be hard sometimes but the following are some of the major industries that one can check out for in case they are looking for different opportunities.

Major industries in the UAE

These industries include the following: petroleum, fishing, cement, fertilizer, construction materials, textiles and comer ship repairs.

Teaching English as a language in the UAE

Some of the major languages in the UAE are: Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu and Persian.  The expatriate workforce come from South Asia, Egypt and Western Europe making English to be a common language around.

Most people that use English use it for business and it is good to know that most newspapers that are published around are published in English.

Even though English seem to be widely spoken a lot in the UAE, there are a lot of job openings for those who would want to teach English as a foreign language.

The good thing is that all you need is a TEFL certificate and you are good to go. Some also offer English for business and private lessons though such options are normally good if you learn some Arabic.

There are so many sites where one can search for jobs in UAE. It is good if you do a thorough research of your work before you apply for any job. This is because there are people who are out there that are not genuine and may want to steal money from you.

You could also decide to use the recruitment agencies that are available to you so that you can know what you are dealing with. If you have a CV then make sure that is not more than two-pages and has a cover letter that is accompanying it alongside a photograph. Make sure that you have your details on LinkedIn too as there are some recruitment firms that will definitely check your profile.

When you follow most of these processes, then you are sure that you will get a job in the UAE. This is a dream that most people long for so it should not be hard getting an opportunity to live and work there.

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