Agree-build-operate-transfer (ABOT) AquaNegosyo

SEAFDEC/AQD packages and builds science-based ready-for-handover operational businesses for new and re-focusing entrepreneurs. Facilities are constructed on client site and made operational through on-the-job training for technicians and employees of our clients.

ABOT AquaNegosyo was conceived in September 2006 in a Business Concept Forum organized by Department of Science & Technology (DOST) Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship (PCE) Philippine Emerging Start-Ups Open (PESO).

The ABOT AquaNegosyo mainly uses a fusion of technology and business management strategies. The SEAFDEC/AQD aquaculture technologies are the main product lines packaged and delivered to entrepreneurs for the latter’s purchase and consumption.

For hatchery and nursery, the technology packages are abalone, mudcrab, multi-species marine fishes (grouper, milkfish, snapper, seabass), native catfish, tilapia and bighead carp, freshwater prawn, and tiger shrimp.

Grow-out has the same species list, with the addition of green water culture and seaweed farming.

By signing for the ABOT AquaNegosyo, the client- entrepreneur adopts the SEAFDEC/AQD technologies that become a key component of his/her business. ABOT AquaNegosyo enables SEAFDEC/AQD to generate additional income to augment its resources to support staff remunerations and benefits, and its operations, while performing its mandate of disseminating aquaculture information and technologies to its stakeholders and the public.

For inquiries, email: fgayson@seafdec.org.ph, etquinit@seafdec.org.ph, joladja@seafdec.org.ph

Activity Guide

1. Pre-project
Client Information Form
– Designation of Technical Advisory & Services Team
– Business package discussions
– Site assessment & prescribed package
– Sign & notarize agreement

2. Actual Production
– Team briefing & logistics mobilization
– Construction and testing of facilities
– Turn-over and acceptance of facilities
– Actual operations (pond, water, feed, health management)
– Harvesting

3. Post-Production Analysis
Fish growth parameters
– Staff performance evaluation
– Business performance
– End of agreement
– Follow-up MOA if required

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    Do you know how much to start this business?

  2. nyc project very practical for small farmers…we are interested.

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