How to Make Fermented Fruit Juice for Natural Health

fermented fruit blendFermented Fruit Juice, FFJ in humans, contains nutrients like potassium that promotes production of healthy hormones, and increase energy level and resistance to disease causing oxidants in humans, among others.

How to make Fermented Fruit Juice:


* 1 kilo of fresh sweet fruits like banana, papaya, pineapple, ripe mango, jack fruit, star apple, ripe guavas, berries, etc. (sour citrus fruits are generally not recommended) or a combination of all these (especially the vegetables in abundant supply)
* 1 to 2 kilos of brown or muscovado sugar

What to do

* Put fruits or vegetables inside a clay jar or food grade plastic container
* Add brown/ muscovado sugar
* Cover container with a clean sheet of paper and tie with a string and put date on the outside part of the container
* Place in a cool and shaded place
* Ferment for 15 days
* Best time to prepare is in the evening

Important Points

* The fermented fruits or vegetables will give 1 1/2 liter of FFJ.
* Drain liquid in plastic bottles
* Always leave about 1/3 of bottle empty so the liquid can “breathe”
* DO not tighten the bottle lid for 2 weeks after bottling to allow gasses to escape and avoid a sticky explosion
* Solid materials from the fermentation process can be given to animals as feeds or to plants as compost
* FFJ should have a pleasant smell and sweet and tangy taste
* FFJ keeps for over a year or longer if refrigerated
* Take 2 to 4 glasses of water (hot, lukewarm or natural temperature) upon waking
* Take 1 tbsp of FFJ at least 30 minutes before breakfast

As medicinal aid for:

* Diabetics, the whole plant of wild ampalaya can be used
* High blood pressure patients, tanglad can be fermented but caution must be practiced in taking too much of the fermented tanglad since this may cause low red blood count also.

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Source: Tessa F. Santiago-Rey of Organic Matters and Lifestyles

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