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Simple Hydroponic System

Simple Hydroponic System – How To Make Hydroponics. Trough hydroponics is a simple method of growing vegetables without soil. Simple hydroponics system guide.


How to Make Bath Teas

Bath Teas by Crystal Miller Using bath teas are gaining popularity as a new enjoyable bathing experience! The idea behind them is to combine certain herbs that can be simmered and steeped for about 15...


Fruit Wine Making

Fruits can be transformed into wine through a process called fermentation. All it takes is heating to bring about the chemical reaction plus other ingredients. Choice of fruit varieties. Grape is not the only fruit...


Head of Asset Management – Container Terminal Engineering

Philippines – Head of Asset Management – Container Terminal Engineering We are currently looking to recruit a head of asset management for a port container terminal operations company. The role will be based in the Asia region and will be directly responsible to the Global Equipment Manager. The Head of Asset Management will be in charge of the sourcing, selection, recommendation of all equipment associated with current and new port projects worldwide. The successful individual will also be very much hands on with all engineering managers with the various ports world wide. A breakdown of your duties will be: * Compilation of technical specification * Tender Process Adjudication * Contract negotiation * Purchase of equipment * Responsibility of the management of all fixed and mobile equipment * Delivery of new assets * Implement cost saving and efficiency savings via recommendation of equipment. We are ideally looking for candidates container terminal engineering background, candidates will need to …


How to Make Ice Cream Cone

Today, the ice cream cone is a standard in any ice cream store or stand. This tasty treat is known as a way to cool down in the summer and makes an edible container for...

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