How to Start a Small Home – Based Catering Business

Do you have a creative personality and the ability to make luscious dishes that transport your friends and family to food nirvana? If so, then you may have what it takes to start your own catering company.

Why squander your talents working in a field you may not enjoy for someone you may not like?

Channel your passion and innovation for cooking into a lucrative career working for yourself. Any limitations on your venture will be ones that you create.

Catering industry is a service-based responsible for preparing, cooking,and serving food for various events in both corporate and private venues. Companies may hire you to cater seminars,meetings, team-building events, or grand openings.

Individuals may need you for in-home dinner parties, weddings, birthdays, or other celebrations. Attracting clientele is the most important and possibly most difficult part of building your business. You will need to endear clients not only to your product, but to yourself as well. You will be working with all types of people: business executives, event planners, anxiety-riddled brides, debutante hosts, and everyone in between.

You must instill in them the confidence that you will not only provide them with a wonderful meal, but that you will serve it attractively, punctually, and inconspicuously.

The best way to secure new catering business is to build a large and dependable referral network. Acquaint yourself with the people and businesses in your area that specialize in event and party planning. They include wedding and event planners, bridal boutiques, pastry chefs, florists, and stationary and party supply stores.

Distribute your brochures and business cards to them and make sure to check in often. You may even consider dropping by with a few delicious finger foods or scrumptious desserts-anything that will help them to remember you, and more importantly, to remember you fondly. Building a solid working relationship with these vendors will make them likely to recommend you when they encounter a client unsure of whom to turn to for an upcoming catered event.

You’ll also want to out send out sales letters and brochures to local offices and businesses. This gives you a fairly inexpensive medium to introduce yourself to corporate clients. Always follow up with a phone call or an email and try to set up an appointment with their office manager to further discuss your services.

It is important to plan each job carefully and to exceed beyond a client’s desires. Good communication is key to understanding what he or she wants and to help realize their vision in a way that will reflect positively on them. In the restaurant industry, food comprises seventy percent of the total business,while the rest relies on service and proper organization.

The numbers are inverted with catering ideas. Food will only account for thirty percent of your job, while that last seventy percent relies on food delivery and transportation,accommodation for equipment rental, and conducting your staff. Organization will be very important. You will need to prioritize properly and execute each task thoroughly.

Always keep your client’s demands and happiness your priority. Maintaining your enthusiasm,composure,and resilience will show them that they can trust you to make the best of any situation.

James Amwell


James Amwell is a cooking enthusiast and author. He lives in “San Francisco” and spends his time teaching others how to start and setup an amazing Catering business. His latest book, ” Secrets of Starting Your Own Catering Business: Your Recipe for Success.” is available at http://www.secretsofcatering.com/ To help you get started you will receive his FREE 10 day mini course at http://www.secretsofcatering.com/

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