Trending Recipes Using Pepper Jelly Dip

The home cook recipe world is heating up, and it’s not just the ovens!  Pepper jelly is making a huge comeback, with delicious recipes coming out every day showing how versatile and delicious it can be.

Whether you cook every day or just on the weekends, trying some of these recipes can inspire you to try new and exciting options!  

Glazed Burgers For The Grill

We’ve all grilled a burger at least once in our lives.  For some a burger is simple, unseasoned meat that’s cooked until just done.  They don’t mess with that plan: but there’s no reason we should stick to tradition just because it’s tradition. 

Glazed burgers allow home cooks to create burgers that taste like they’d cost fifty dollars at any restaurant.  Instead of paying that much, you have to spread an even coat of pepper jelly on either side of the burger and grill as you normally would.

The pepper jelly caramelizes and gives the burger a sweet heat that’s incredibly delicious.

Brie and Pepper Jelly Bites

If you love cheese and jelly together, this is the recipe for you.  This can be served as an awesome appetizer or can be a great snack when you’re trying to make it through the weekend.  To make this, buy laminated dough, and roll it out to one thin layer.  Cut into squares that measure two inches on each side, and drape into mini-muffin tins.  In each cup, add a tablespoon of brie and a half tablespoon of pepper jelly.  Bake until the laminated dough is baked through at 350 (usually around fifteen minutes), and then serve once they’ve cooled!  These are delicious and tangy while still tasting high class.

You can avoid any overcooked tips by cutting the dough into circles instead, which wastes a lot of dough and makes a far smaller yield.  Keeping an eye on your oven and checking on them should be enough to avoid burning any corners.

Pepper Jelly and Bacon Brussels Sprouts

Pepper jelly and veggies aren’t a common combination: which is why this recipe is trending!  It’s blowing people’s minds how delicious pepper jelly dip can be when used on brussels sprouts. First, wash the sprouts and dry them thoroughly before cutting them in half.  Although some leaves may fall off, try to gather these as they make everything crisper.  Toss with a mixture of pepper jelly and a small amount of oil, and then bake at 350 for thirty minutes, tossing at the halfway point.  These come out crispy, spicy, and with a tang that will make you want to eat more!

Pepper Jelly Grilled Cheese

This recipe is a lot simpler than others, but its popularity is because of that!  Pepper jelly grilled cheese is any grilled cheese sandwich you want, with the addition of pepper jelly on the inside.  This creates a unique tangy and delicious sandwich with a kick of heat and sweetness while the smooth and creamy cheese balances it out.  If you’re new to trying savory dishes with jelly, this is a fantastic place to start.

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