5 Skills to Include in a Leadership Development Program

Every leader possesses a different skill set, but the fundamental aim is to lead the team in the best way possible. From transforming as a self-individual to being a mentor at times of need, a leader has to wear multiple hats at the same time. Every year, hundreds of leadership development programs in Melbourne take place, but not all of them produce successful leaders. However, these programs play a massive role in identifying the leadership qualities in each individual with adding desired capabilities to ensure his personality as a great leader. 

With that said, here is a list of effective leadership skills to include in leadership development programs for real success. 

1. Coaching:

Whether you call it training, coaching, teaching, the essence remains the same. It comes in one of the simplest fundamentals of a leadership learning program and equips the person to explore himself before anyone else. Ere anything, a leader should be eager to learn regardless of where he stands. Coaching not only contributes to one’s leadership skills but also promotes a person’s intellectual development to learn new things. Being your own coach is amazing, but sometimes the right help can also do wonders by unleashing the best potential in you. 

2. Communication:

A powerful communication works like a deal marker in making the first impression worth remembering as a leader. A leader should be capable of influencing, persuading, and guiding people to perform individual actions without getting lost. In this digitally fast-paced world, online communication has remarkably surpassed face-to-face interactions where you can be more expressive with your words. The best practice to learn the right way of communication is by observing others and practicing yourself. From emails, messages, video calls, conferences, skype, use any social media channel to express your thoughts and choose the best way to do it by being real. 

3. Responsibility:

The word responsibility today sounds more daunting than ever before especially when it comes to leadership. As a leader, you have to be responsible for other’s words and actions as they represent your leadership. By including responsibility in leadership programs, one can be more attentive and careful of other’s performance. The feeling of responsibility also emanates a sense of sensibility among team members to monitor the activities and not ruin the leader’s impression in any way.

4. Benefits:

Leadership development programs often fail to make their participants stick for a long time and end up losing valuable individuals from their team. The duty doesn’t end till grooming individuals as leaders but also includes keeping them engaged and providing them with satisfaction and comfort. You can also incorporate some small rewards such as interactive web seminars with other leaders, sharing effective tips, organizing productive meetups, etc. It’s high time leaders should be given equal incentives for the role they offer in nearly every area of life.

5. Change management:

Positive changes give the credibility of a good working environment. In most leadership programs, the training is either too exhausting or long that leaders often get off track, looking for shortcuts. To keep them in the right direction, it’s important to gain trust without modifying the main aim of the leadership program. From a minor change in the marketplace to altering the tedious routine, anything can help in intriguing the participant’s curiosity. Not only it excites an individual to lead as a human instead of an AI robot that only gives specified directions. From improved performance to impressive results, relevant and helpful changes in leadership development programs can spike the urge to go a mile forward for learning. 


Although it’s not mandatory to incorporate all of these 5 skills simultaneously but including them at regular intervals is the right approach. Unfortunately, among hundreds of leadership development programs, very few organizations actually understand the powerful blend of these 5 important skills for a leader. 

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