5 Ways A Contact Centre Can Benefit Your Startup

Customers always demand full attention from any business they transact with. They also want the convenience of accessing information and getting answers to their queries anytime, anywhere. This can be exhausting both for your employees and resources, but it’s also rewarding in terms of business revenue and growth.

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That said, it’s important that your business opens all channels of communication with customers. By taking that step, you won’t only be actively present whenever they need you and ensure satisfaction but also understand their demands and learn what motivates them.

A contact centre can help you in that regard no matter where your business is located. For instance, if you’re looking to outsource a contact centre for your Australian-based startup, consider reputable companies such as OracleCMS contact centre in Australia.

Here are some of the benefits of having a contact centre for your startup business:

1. Provide Adequate Support

The main purpose of having a contact centre is to provide fast and convenient support to customers. Today’s consumers can be rather impatient and demand instant gratification. If you can’t attend to them right away, then you increase the risk of losing them.

By having a contact centre and being available at all customer touch points, you can ensure excellent customer experience since you’ll be able to answer clients’ questions and make them feel important. A good contact centre can provide instant support to customers via live chat, phone call, email, or social media interaction.

2. Build Confidence And Loyalty

In connection with the previous point, if a business provides faster support, customers are more likely to become satisfied with the business. This, in turn, increases their confidence and trust in and loyalty to a brand.

It’s been reported that three out of five consumers say that good customer service can make them loyal toward a brand. Meanwhile, another study shows that 89% of customers are more likely to make another purchase from a business that offers a positive customer service experience. Also, 68% of people say they’re willing to pay more for services and products from a brand with top-notch customer service.

Establishing a contact centre allows you to open a variety of communication channels with your clientele. This way, you can proactively engage your customers, ensuring their loyalty and confidence.

3. Boost Your Marketing Campaigns

To obtain customers and make a sale, businesses market their products and services. How well they position their offerings and communicate with their audience can significantly impact their success.

Contact centres can help in your business’ marketing efforts. When customers contact your company, they may be interested in your products or services or have already purchased from you. A contact centre agent can immediately answer their questions, resolve issues, and help steer the conversation in the right direction. This then becomes an opportunity for upselling or cross-selling.

Contact centres agents are capable of providing advice and suggesting the associated services or products that might be useful for your customer. This tactic can help support your multi-channel marketing campaigns.

4. Gain Access To Data For Deeper Analytics

By collecting information from various communication channels that a customer has used to contact your business, contact centres can provide you with more insights and data for deeper analytics. They help in creating more detailed customer profiles that allow you to paint a complete picture of your business’ customer interactions.

When your company has a better knowledge of your customers, you can tweak your services, products, marketing efforts, and sales strategies based on their demands that ultimately boost customer satisfaction.

5. Improve Brand Image And Competitiveness

For startups, creating a reputable brand image and being competitive are critical for them to thrive in the business world. A contact centre can help your company achieve those. As previously mentioned, it’s important that you keep your customers satisfied and happy, and this is especially true for a young business. You’re a newbie in the industry, so a single bad review about your customer service can lead to a damaged brand reputation and scare away potential clients.

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Solving customers’ problems using as many platforms as possible and being aware of any changes in customer sentiment can help you attain a positive brand image. In addition, having a contact centre can raise your competitiveness. If you offer a 24/7 contact centre service, it’d make you a more attractive option than your competitors without a support centre.

Also, did you know that 58% of consumers say they’ll switch companies because of poor customer service? Another study revealed that about 80% of consumers would go to a competitor if they’ve had more than one bad experience with a particular business. These statistics show that a contact centre can make your startup look more reliable and achieve an edge against other businesses.


Keeping customers happy and satisfied can be challenging. However, establishing a contact centre for your startup can make it easier and allow you to create a stronger relationship with customers. It also gives your better branding, a competitive advantage, and better insights and sale opportunities to help your company grow and become successful in the long run.

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