Design for The Audience To Make An Effective Business Card

If you are a small business owner and wish to design a business card then the first thing that you should know as a rule is that it should be designed as per your audience. Your personal preference may matter but it is your customers who are more important to impress rather than you. This will help you to make your business card more effective and impressive.

Remember, a business card is not a small 3.5 inch by 2 inch piece of paper that lists your name and contact information. In fact, to make it effective you have to consider all possible ways in which you can format your card. There are several ways to make your card stand out and many options to include information in it.

If you fail in designing the best card, you may lose prospects and even get your card tossed in a bin in front of your eyes before making a connection. Improperly designed business cards can hurt your capability to establish an effective network.

Golden rules to follow

In order to capture your targeted audience you must follow these seven golden business card designing rules. This will support your brand as well as perform well for your business.

  • MID: You must only include important information in your business card. It may seem very tempting to reduce the font size and overload a card with information. This will surely result in losing the attention of the recipient. Therefore, include only that much which is enough to pique the interest of the receiver of the card and make it easily memorable.
  • Legibility: Avoid funky fonts, styles and colors that will make your card illegible. Fonts should not be too small, fancy or distorted. The best way is to let your business logo be the design element to add interest. Keep the text simple and direct as well.
  • Coverage: You should always avoid full coverage of every white space available. Unless it is absolutely necessary, never include full-color designs and texts on both sides of the business card. This will leave the recipient with enough room to write or note down a memory trigger.
  • Printing: There are lots of ways in which you can get your business card printed affordably but you should make sure that you get it printed by professionals like Joinprint who specialize in business card printing. DIY business cards never create the same impact as professionally printed ones. Therefore, unless you have commercial printing facilities, get it printed professionally.
  • Design: Be very specific with your business card design especially if you are engaged with different types of businesses. Unless all your business types are loosely connected, it is unwise to print them all on both the sides of your business card. It will not reach to your target audience.
  • Finishing: Choose the finishing features carefully so that it is relevant to your business and does not affect your card’s appearance adversely.

Lastly, consider including a call to action or craft a short message along with the other helpful information to generate more leads.


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2 Responses

  1. Anybody knows where to make business cards from metal?

  2. Natalie says:

    Its also necessary to have own websites for business. That website will be your “digital business card” which will work 24/7. Most of small and micro businesses choose social media but it’s not enough.

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