Fred Auzenne Shares 8 Steps to Build Powerful Company Culture by Using Real Data

Today every individual dream project can be transformed into reality by the use of innovative measures. But still what forms the backbone of a business firm is data and analytics. When facts are aligned with innovation some exceptional decisions are made in a business, taking the business to great heights.

Let us go through 8 data mandates that can help in sustaining a company culture by the use of real data.

1. Cultivating Data-driven culture at the very top

Top-level managers can induce a data analysis approach to every smallest decision in the organization. A small shift in a manager’s approach to taking great decisions will make the team members aware of the fact that they are expected to work in a fashion where data is the core to the success of the business.

2. Choosing the business metrics carefully

Like in a household a kid follows the footprints of the mother same is the case with team members they follow the footprints of their manager. So as a manager it is your responsibility to skillfully choose the business metrics. Having a good hold of past data and decisions based on it can improve the business metrics of the organization.

3. Don’t restrict your data scientists

Data scientists are usually functional in isolation apart from the operations of the company. So, try involving data scientists with other team members so that value-based data is generated. Data scientists and businesses should work in close vicinity to each other. Being aware of the quantitative aspect of the data helps in generating great quality business.

4. Fixing basic data access-related issues quickly

As we all know that the data is the key to every business operation. Accordingly, every employee should be trained well enough to generate basic data and should be given independent access to the organizational data. This way workflow will be maintained at times of the unavailability of data scientists.

5. Quantifying Uncertainty

We all know that practically nothing is 100% possible. Everything is prone to uncertainties and errors. So as a manager you should be able to make your team members work in a way that they are quantitively aware of their approach towards work. Quantitative awareness of data includes data reliability, its comparative dynamics, etc.

6. Using analytics to help team members and not just the customers

By introducing the team members to new skills such as data analytics can help the organization save a lot of money and time by not having to depend on the IT department for their basic functionality. Uninterrupted workflow is maintained this way.

7. To improve the consistency willingly agree on compromising flexibility at times

Relying on officially accepted metrics and programming languages and making the employees aware of the use of both. By this, both work flexibility and consistency will be maintained. One employee will be multi-functional saving the organization from the chaos of wasting hours in data inconsistency.

8. Develop a habit of explaining analytical choices

In the words of Fred Auzenne cross questioning the team members about choosing a certain way to work, how it could be done in an alternative way, how to fix the issue if any problem arises frequently gives them a better understanding of the data analytics.

These were the 8 mandates that can help organizations in sustaining a company culture by the use of real data.

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