How Coroplast Signs Can Benefit Your Business

Coroplast signs are corrugated plastic that’s tough and waterproof. Its plastic sign appearance resembles plastic cardboard.

Most coroplast signs have embraced a hollow fluted design, which makes them lightweight and simple to display in several ways. Coroplast signs are used by companies when promoting and creating awareness of their brands.

coroplast signs

That being said, below are ways on how coroplast signs can benefit your business.

Durable in Harsh Weather Conditions

When it comes to the business world, everyone and every type of business will always look for a long-lasting investment that can stand the test of time. Thankfully, when you invest in coroplast sign for brand promotion, you’re assured that these signs will be there for the long term, weathering all harsh weather conditions – from flooding and thunderstorms to extreme sun and heat.

Coupled with their heavy-duty signage, they’re arguably the most practical, durable, and impressive signs, increasing their visibility.  

Lightweight and Easy To Work With

Since coroplast signs are lightweight, this means that you’ll not break your back when putting up your yard sign.

Furthermore, they’re easier to work with because their design makes them portable and adjustable, which gives you flexibility in case there’s a need to move them or make some adjustments.

coroplast signs

Flexible Location Placement

As a business owner, you’ll be able to evaluate your return on investment when you can use less than three signs to direct traffic to your business premises.

Depending on both your location and the potential clients, it’s appropriate that you can spend some of your time and energy putting signs in specific areas that can increase direct traffic to your business.

Luckily, coroplast signs are not specific to a place, hence they give you the flexibility to put them to a strategic place.

For this reason, the use of coroplast signs transcends both businesses and nonprofits due to its top-notch signage and visibility. It spans from fun wall-art decor signs and parking signs to real estate yard signs and even bi-directional medical center signs.

Notably, their ability to achieve the same quality of sign regardless of the shape, color, and size you go for is one of its best benefits.  

Uses Modern and Bright Color For Marketing

Since coroplast signs are made through laser-sharp graphic applications and texts, your choice of colors and the contrast obtained through text and graphics can be easily done. Hence, anyone using them can be surely satisfied with the resulting product.

Unlike the inferior printing and material options that bleed one into another, coroplast signage keeps both its sharpness and distinctiveness for a much better and brighter view for potential clients.

Smart Advertising for Small Enterprises

At least more than half of new clients have cited that signs were the reason for them deciding to visit a new store. While another one in three clients have also indicated that word-of-mouth is the reason why they chose settling with a product or a service.

These simple statistics authenticate the use of signage as an essential marketing tool. A perfect and real-life example would be a lawnmower, which has established its lawn care company in the neighborhood. Unlike an online ad, which might not easily reach their apparently less tech-savvy neighbors, a coroplast sign displayed with a perfectly manicured lawn throughout the neighborhood is likely to speak louder for one’s business.

An Affordable Marketing Strategy

Usually, clients rely on visible signs to get informed about new companies as well as local ones. Coroplast signage, for instance, is an investment worth only for a few dollars, yet has the potential to convert thousands of new clients to your brick and mortar store or business.

The chance that you can convert even a third of that traffic into sales proves the importance of signage over other marketing strategies. This is because the value proposition of investment speaks more in business perspectives rather than just following the digital marketing buzz if you have nothing to show for it.


It’s crucial that, as a company, you evaluate your marketing strategy to identify a marketing campaign that would suit your needs and help you turn traffic into actual sales.

Coroplast signs can be a viable alternative when compared with other forms of advertising because they present you with many benefits, such as the following: being durable in harsh weather conditions, lightweight and easy to work with, flexible in terms of location placement, uses modern and bright color for marketing, offers smart advertising for small enterprises, and, lastly, they’re an affordable marketing strategy. 

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