How To Double Your Sales By Developing A Bigbasket Clone Website?

5 years back I was always facing problems with my grocery and food products storage at home. This is the biggest issue in metro cities especially for the working professionals whose jobs are from morning to evening. Most of the time they get home late at night because of the workload at the office and traffic. Just because of that sometimes I was not able to eat food very well but Nowadays I am able to manage my grocery and beverage storage just because of grocery and beverage websites like Bigbasket, Groferres, Deal share, etc. Thanks to these companies who solve this problem. 

Ordering groceries from Bigbasket becomes popular after covid-19 and digital transformation, people are enjoying ordering food products and groceries online from BigBasket and other online platforms. If you are suffering from your grocery business sales problems then you can go for an online grocery business with the help of the BigBasket clone website. 

We can assure you that with the help of the BigBasket clone website, your business will grow more because it has features like-

Mobile friendly- 

Grocery ordering website BigBasket is well known for its mobile-friendly design, in any kind of website that it must be needed that the interface is mobile friendly. 70% of people order groceries by using mobile phones and 60 % of people never return to a non-mobile-friendly website. In order mobile-friendly website like BigBasket means your website had these features-

  1. Page loads quickly 
  2. Better user experience 
  3. Clear call to action buttons 
  4. Easy exit process 
  5. Easy to login & sign up 

Multiple Payment Options-

Humans are using thousands of payment options and all have their view to pay money offline or online. This is useful for the customers if your website has multiple payment options so more people can use your BigBasket close platform for payment convenience. 

A grocery app development company can easily integrate multiple payment gateways in it. Make sure the website has options like a credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI, and Cash On Delivery options. These are the most compulsory payment options.

Unlimited Products and Categories- 

Bigbasket clones come with unlimited features, products, attributions, product images, and categories because at a store there are a large number of varieties in the terms of grocery.  So you need a platform where all these features are available. It will help you to introduce large varieties to your customers. 

Search Functionality- 

One of the major benefits of BigBasket is the search functionality, it’s easy to find the needed product with the help of the search function. There are thousands of products available on the website so this is not easy to find but with the help of a  search bar should be placed at the perfect location on the website. You can use Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence,  also in your search functionality, with the help of ML & AI customers can get the relevant suggestions to thor search. They got attracted and add more products to their cart. So definitely it will increase and boost your sales. 

24*7 Customer support- 

Customers are always looking for a platform where they can solve their queries at any time. In the BigBasket clone application, 24*7 chat support is available so customers can easily get solutions to their problems. It will help you to increase user experience. Customers will enjoy this feature more and shop widely. 

Simplified Checkout – 

The Checkout process will play an important role because people do not want to fill in a lot of details and do not want to follow more than 2 steps. According to research, 27 % of people do not like the abandoned checkout process. If your process hits too many steps or is complicated then it will affect the potential buyers to exit before ordering. But on the Bigbasket clone website, the checkout process is easy and convenient. So buyers can easily order products. 

Personalized Call to Action Button- 

A personalized call to action button is a compulsory feature for an e-commerce website because it is convenient for buyers. A call to action button directly takes the customer to the page instead. Like “Add to cart or Buy now” buttons in BigBasket clone websites. 

 Pop-up Offers- 

Online grocery store BigBasket has a “popup” feature, so people can easily subscribe to their emails and other notifications for the rewards & coupons or for better deals. Popups help store a good crowd when you offer something in front of customers. POp-ups can help reduce shopping cart abandonment rates. If you really want to increase your visibility and sales. This is one of the major features of BigBasket clone websites. 

Offer Surprises & Rewards- 

There are thousands of people who use online shopping websites for surprises and rewards. The BigBasket clone website is featured where you can put your rewards and surprises in a well-settled manner to showcase your customers. It increases customer attraction towards your products or your brand. You can plan a social event, where you can promote your website. You can put some prize money or coupons directly to the participants. Your BigBasket clone website get more popular nearby the event area. 

Socialize Clone Website- 

Connection with social media channels is really important to any e-commerce platform. BigBasket clone websites can provide this benefit to your business. BigBasket clone websites are connected with social media so you can announce offers and upcoming products or special services if you are planning. You can easily promote your products and visualize them to your target audience.

Order tracking- 

With the help of the order tracking feature in the BigBasket clone, the website is important because with the help of this feature customers can get the real-time location of their order and they can easily manage the household. Order tracking systems engage people towards the platform because they are concerned about their orders being delivered on time.

Pre launching/ Press Release- 

You can pre-launch your website through an event for the promotional activity before the public. With the help of pre-launch, you can get attraction from the customers for a better response. In press- launch you can invite local media and news channels. It will get promoted in the local area with the help of a press release. Most of the popular grocery businesses do this on regular basis it gets to engage people. You can put your upcoming offers and plans regularly in local newspapers.

Host Events & Sponsorship-

If you had the budget to sponsor and host events then definitely this idea works always. You can plan your own event and promote that. Also, you can sponsor local or national events to promote your clone grocery business website. You can also sponsor local or nation game teams for better reach. These techniques always work for the online business and your business will always on top.

Customer testimonials & News – 

Customer testimonials show trust in the platform whatever it is e-commerce, food ordering, or grocery. BigBasket had a separate option for the customer testimonials where you can put your best customers testimonials. Also, a news page can provide your business/platform-related news features in the vlogs or anything related to your business. It will showcase more visibility to the customers. You can put customer success stories over your website or social media channels. 


BigBasket clone websites are some of the best grocery ordering clone websites to help your business. Here we share everything about BigBasket clone website benefits for your business. There are thousands of business owners who are running their grocery business and they are suffering from sales problems just because of the market competition. Those who are running their business offline are also a big problem because people are using online websites and applications.

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