How to transform your business by hiring a keynote speaker?

What is a keynote speaker and how can he help you improve your business? Many people associate a keynote speaker with a motivational or inspirational speaker. While this could happen, a keynote speaker is focused on a niche. He or she captures the essence of a subject, and they do that by first digging deeper into that niche. Apart from performing a thorough research into your particular industry, a keynote speaker will also try to find solutions to potential issues or concerns the audience might have. The research stage is fundamental because it gives him the opportunity to make his speech sound unique and original. A keynote speaker can always use humor to entice the audience and grab their attention.

Mary Robinson - President of the Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice and UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy on Climate Change speaking at #GlobalChallenges climate action event, March 2015

Keyword speakers and their impact on a business

Keynote speakers have one key purpose – to amend the perception of people’s thinking. They have to persuade them and convince them in ways nobody has ever succeeded. If an industry association, company of group of executives must understand that a meaningful change has to happen, or that a particular change is affecting the productivity level of a company, a keynote speaker can help that company grasp the message and do something about it. As human beings, we crave social interaction, and even though we can easily grab essential information from websites and books, we take our social relevance and inspiration, as well as a sense of community from other people.

Keynote speakers are temporary tribal leaders. They can persuade audiences with extreme delicacy. Furthermore, they can also take their audience on an emotional and intellectual journey, this way propelling the audience to a new outlook, place or position. Did you know that we do things and take action because of others? That’s correct; we let other influence our perception in order to have the courage to make a change in a better direction.

Keynote speakers have a temporary authority over their audience. They have the ability to ask for things, and believe it or not, most of the time they get exactly what they want. Why should a company hire a speaker? Because sometimes CEOs and company managers don’t have what it takes to entice their employees?

#GlobalChallenges climate action event, March 2015

Keynote speakers and their compelling personality

Keynote speakers can be incredibly persuasive; they have the power to compel through their personality without making the audience feel pressured in any way. It is true that they can’t work miracles, although they come with the tools to make the audience comprehend that change is exactly what they need. This sort of speech is not a very efficient way of creating high-depth ideas; that’s mainly because an audience cannot respond to the message of a keynote speaker.

Furthermore, it’s not that realistic to expect a keynote speaker to walk on a stage and find a long-standing solution to a company’s problem in 30 minutes. What he/she can do is come up with powerful ideas, memorable examples, and practical explanations in order to entice the audience, awake their interest and persuade them to develop brilliant ideas too.

Ilmi Granoff - Research Fellow, ODI and Namita Vikas - Senior President & Chief sustainability Officer, YES BANK at #GlobalChallenges climate action event, March 2015

Why should companies hire keynote speakers?

A lot of companies fail to keep their employees engaged. It’s not that easy to deal with an everyday routine, and at some point the people in the office will start losing their interest. It is important that you do everything in your power to retain your staff personnel; sometimes the most common financial and non-financial incentives don’t help. Hire an experienced keynote speaker and allow him/her to try and motivate your employees. These people are skilled orators; they know how to speak in public and they have characteristics others crave for, such as charisma, charm and appeal.

Finding the right speaker can be a challenge. Before making a choice you are advised to perform a thorough check. Search for references and go someone with for an established reputation in the field. The field of public speaking is vast, so it shouldn’t be an issue to find someone reliable. There are so many things a keynote speaker can say to grab an audience’s attention. However companies should be more open to this form of engagement boost. If they can make that happen, their business will have a lot to win.

By Denny Averill and LondonSpeakerBureau.com!

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