How to Write a Successful Email Campaign for Promoting Your Business

How to Write a Successful Email Campaign for Promoting Your Business 1

Email marketing is an essential part of any business promotion strategy. It has the highest ROI compared to other marketing tools, as per the research of Holistic Email Marketing and GetResponse. Statista says that the number of email users amounted to 3.9 billion people in 2020. By 2025, that number may grow to 4.6 billion. Without a doubt,  a successful email campaign can raise the business to extra levels. This article will help you improve your current email campaign significantly.

Email marketing strategies

Take a few critical steps to create a successful email campaign for promoting your business. And we recommend starting with thinking about the results you want to see, in other words, setting goals.

Set a goal

Write in numbers the result you want to get from sending emails to potential customers. For example, you want to increase email revenue by 5% over the previous month. It’s essential to not only decide why you’re creating an email campaign but also how you’ll measure the results. Choose metrics and make your sales dashboard. In most mailing services, it is impossible to see how much revenue increases. To do that, you need to use a different analytics system.

Identify target audience

Imagine your customers, think about what they want to see in their mailboxes. To do this, you need to take the following actions:

📝 Gather data about your customer’s gender, age, interests, income level.

📝 Find out client’s fears, pains, needs, and pre-purchase behavior.

📝 Understand the customer’s way from need to buy.

You can gather this information in several ways:

✔️ Interview current customers;

✔️ Interview sales managers;

✔️ Collect data on customers in social networks;

✔️ Study the research of competitors.

Analyze your competitors

You need to understand what other companies offer customers. With this analysis, you can glean insights and identify mistakes you’ll consider in your email campaign. Thus, sign up for competitors’ social networks, study their websites, and answer the questions:

✔️ What offers they make to customers

✔️ What are the accents in the texts for email campaigns?

✔️ How to write a subject in the mail texts?

✔️ How to create a CTA?

✔️ On what triggers and with what timeouts do they send letters?

✔️ How do they move the client through the funnel?

✔️ How often do they send the emails?

Create email chains

You should send emails to your customers at a particular time and with the correct information. Therefore, we advise you to perform all the steps described below before starting the email campaign. It will help you achieve the planned results and analyze the indicators.

email chains
  1. When a client visits a website and leaves a contact — use welcome emails.
  2. A few days later — use informational emails.
  3. When a user comes to a website and doesn’t buy for a long time — use activation emails.
  4. If a customer doesn’t visit a website for a long time — use reactivation emails.
  5. If a client made an order — use sales email.

How to write a letter for an email campaign

The content depends on the format of the mailing and should follow three rules.

Don’t overload the email: it’s unlikely that the user is ready to scroll and look for the button endlessly.

Remember to be polite: say hello and goodbye, leave a wish or an original signature.

Think about a nice picture: it’s more likely to catch the eye than a boring one, even with perfect text.

Adapt your email to different devices

adapt to different devices

First, you ensure your customer can read your emails. And this means that emails must look nice on different screens so that the pictures don’t hide the text. Thus, adapt them to different devices. This is important not only in terms of presentation but also the functionality. For example, if a customer wants to take out travel insurance right here and now, paying with a phone, then provide a convenient purchase of tourist policy.

Personalize an email

Addressing customers in the mail is a point that we recommend considering. Use a personal appeal in the subject or body of the email. Such mail stands out from the general flow and becomes more personal. However, using abbreviated names and diminutive forms isn’t a good idea. Remember that.

Break up long paragraphs

Keep one idea to one paragraph. This is a rule to ponder when writing a text for an email campaign. It’s difficult for a client to read a solid text and figure out where a new thought begins. So, make it easy to read: break up paragraphs, create bulleted lists, use pictures and infographics.

Show what you can show

Graphic information is better remembered and recalled than text. So, we advise not to describe a picture that can replace what. For example, don’t tell people what a beautiful courtyard your housing complex has. People easier grasp information in emails with images, remember that. Simply insert a picture and it will be easier for your clients to understand the offer.

Don’t use too many pictures

Mail servers have size limits for emails. A massive mail will not display correctly in the box. Therefore, consider two rules when launching an email campaign:

📝 Compress the images you want to insert into the email;

📝 Don’t use too many images so that they quickly load when customers open a mail.

Make contacts visible to customers

Just put contacts in your email, and a customer perhaps makes a call or not. But remember that contacts placed at the bottom are not a good option since users may not read them. It’s better to put the phone number and address in the header and after the main block.



When it comes to an email marketing campaign, it’s easy to send but hard to send a good one. Now you know how to run a successful campaign to attract more attention, engagement, leads, and sales. This knowledge can make you the most valuable player in the vast field of marketing business.



Isabelle Jordan is a business and marketing journalist at EKTA TRAVEL insurance company. She writes for different news portals and thematic blogs that help her stay at the heart of the travel and insurance news. Isabelle knows everything and more about travel guard insurance.

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