Vic Di Criscio Gives an Overview of the Elements of the Six Sigma Methodologies

When analyzing the previous productive growth rate, you see that your business is progressing slowly, but you need to improve further. While reaching the target is your employees’ objective, learning the 6-sigma belt can enhance productivity levels. The process of analyzing their capabilities contributes to improving skills and overall business operation. If you want to keep the momentum toward projects with many valued outcomes, check out how this method can help a wide range of industries.

What is six sigma certifications?

Introduced by American engineer Bill Smith in 1986, six sigma is a set of techniques and tools used for improving business processes by utilizing statistical analysis. In this learning process, you will use known variation by understanding the elaborations within the process. This approach sprouts from the statistical and quality control methods as its base.

The six-sigma certification is a program to help professionals and executives at resource management. The training course can help them improve their abilities in identifying the risks and errors in business strategies. They will get the opportunity to detect and remove those defective areas and cut down the magnitude of possible factors of unexpected outcomes. As per Vic Di Criscio, attending the 6-sigma course can make you formidable when it comes to credibility and assurance.

Six Sigma certification levels

The six-sigma course features various skill levels depending on the certifications obtained through an accredited program. The levels include White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt which are explained in details in the following paragraphs:

  • White Belt

It is the first and basic level of the six-sigma certification method, and it supports change management in the organization. It helps solve issues in the project by providing fundamental comprehension of the lean six sigma.

  • Yellow Belt

This level of training is for those who have limited roles in the team. The yellow belt level teaches individuals how to implement a 6-sigma green belt while solving a problem.

  • Green Belt

Those who have reached the green belt level are the ones who participate in analyzing a problem that could affect the result.

  • Black Belt

Black belt certified individuals such as team leaders and experts with significant responsibilities. They can utilize a suitable six sigma when providing training to their junior coworkers. This level helps them solve problems by removing vulnerable areas in the project.

  • Master Black Belt

The top-most level in the six-sigma certification course is the master black belt that benefits human resource professionals. This course helps coaches and consultants to build strategies for various projects.

Learning the six-sigma method can help you overcome multitudes of difficulties and risk factors in your organization. With acquired knowledge from the training, you can conduct a complete review of current practices and understand their impact on performance. Find a service provider of 6 sigma training to help focus on integrating leadership development. Thai will help your business to grow and become successful.

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