Is It Time for a Mobile Business App?

Is It Time for a Mobile Business App?

For the small business owner who is on top of his or her game, a variety of factors go into getting to the top and staying there.

Among the things successful small business heads do right is stay on top of their budget, hire and retain the best employees, promote their businesses so that it is seen by as many eyes as possible, and stay up to speed on the latest in technology.

Wait, you’re not doing that last mention? Are you a business owner who is behind the learning curve when it comes to technology? If so, there is still time and plenty of reasons to want to catch up.

As a 2013 AT&T Small Business Technology Poll pointed out, around 33 percent of small businesses taking part in the survey use mobile apps.

First and foremost, being informed on technology is all the more important, especially given the fact your competition is more than likely doing just that.

Mobile Business Apps Make Sense

One key technological area to zoom in on in today’s business world is the mobile business app.
With the right mobile business app, your small business can:

• Gain more access – A mobile biz app will allow you and your team to have instantaneous access to schedules, financial data and more importantly, client data. With the touch of a button (see below), you can have the needed info at your fingertips, thereby avoiding going through paperwork and desktop or laptop computers to find the data you require to conduct business;

• Speed off with more customers – In today’s business world, the company that gets to the consumer faster typically wins the battle. Having the right mobile business app gives you a heads up on the competitors not engaged in this brand of technology. Face it, countless consumers can be seen walking the streets and elsewhere with their handheld devices. With your mobile business app, you can reach out to them for normal business activities, including offering them the latest in special deals on your products and/or services;

• Market away – Last but not least, having a solid mobile business app is a marketing winner. The more consumers that know about who you are and what you offer can only benefit you. Via your mobile business app, you can talk directly to the current and potential customer, spreading your message as you go. Assuming you are already utilizing social media be sure to let folks know about your mobility.

According to a report from MarketsandMarkets, the entire global mobile applications market will likely be worth some $25 billion by next year, an increase from nearly $7 billion just four years ago.
Now, still think you don’t need a mobile business app?

About the Author: Dave Thomas writes on a number of business topics for various websites including MediaShower.com.

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  1. You are right, today’s competition would be in the mobile category, as many Pinoys/ Filipinos are using cellphones to browse the internet, having a mobile app for your business would surely get the attention of your potential customers and always on the go.

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