Tips for Making Packaging Stand Out on Store Shelves

Consumers and retailers alike seek out items that are well packaged to avoid damage and contamination of goods. Many factors go into deciding what kind of packaging will work best for you, and this article will look into some of the most crucial factors to consider when making your packaging.

Why is packaging important?

Packaging is vital for a few reasons. First, packaging protects your product from outside elements that could harm the goods inside. For example, if you sell packed vegetables or fruits, they can quickly become damaged or contaminated if they are not wrapped up correctly.

Packaging can affect your business more than just from a defensive standpoint. Many companies believe that they have the best products in town, but it is ultimately how they present their products to customers that can make the difference. For example, if you were selling phones and your competitor had a phone with similar features. Still, it was packaged nicer than yours; most people will go for the nicer looking product. We assume that nicer looking things are of more excellent quality.

Another reason why packaging is important is that it can affect how people feel about your product. For example, if you are selling food, the packaging could make someone think they are getting a bigger meal than another person’s smaller meal in a less attractive wrapper. Should check out Inkable for more ideas on what can be done

How to Choose the Right Kind of Packaging?

What size is your product?

First, consider how great your product is. You will want to choose the smallest container possible that still offers adequate protection. A good rule of thumb is to use a package that can fit at least five times more than your product inside of it.

What will you be using the packaging for?

If you are selling online or delivering goods to other businesses, you will want to choose lightweight packaging that is easy to transport. On the contrary, if you move your goods around in stores or at events, you will need something sturdier.

Who is your audience?  

It is essential to consider your demographic when making your packaging. Suppose you are trying to appeal to the youth; using bright colours and custom paper labels may be your best option for packaging. But perhaps you are catering to an older demographic; choosing more muted colours for your custom paper labels will be more fitting.  

Price of your product

Before spending any money on custom paper labels, you should consider your budget. There are many custom paper label companies, but not all will provide custom paper labels for the low prices that others do. So always make sure to check the prices before committing to anything.

Tips for Making Your Product Stand Out on Store Shelves

Colour choices

The colours you choose for your product will depend on the emotions you want your product to evoke in customers. Bright and colourful packaging may not be best for a product that is intended to be calming. For example, if you were selling teas and coffees, green or brown custom paper labels would match well with the colour of tea or coffee beans.

Packaging material

The material of your packaging can have just as much of an impact on consumers as the colour. If your product is organic, choose organic materials for your labels or cartons. Glass containers may be more durable, but they are often heavier; something to think about for the material you want to use for the package.

Design choices

There are several ways to make your package stand out from the rest. Custom paper labels are a great way to give your product a more professional look, primarily if you target customers who appreciate high-quality goods. You can also add custom links or foils to packaging for a little extra oomph that isn’t too overbearing.

Examples of great packaging:

– Rockstar energy drinks: The bright and vibrant colours of their custom paper label make the product stand out on shelves at stores. They also sell many different flavours, which helps them stand out against competitors with fewer flavour choices.

– Apple computers: Their devices come in minimalist packaging that often matches the design of their products. However, they sometimes opt for more bright colours when selling accessories.

– Kate Spade: It’s not hard to see why the designer sells so many products in packaging that matches their brand image. Their labels are often sleek and straightforward while still getting the point across.

– Secret deodorant: This company uses minimal packaging for their product. They choose to print a simple, minimalistic message. This helps them to stand out from other companies while still advertising the benefits of their product.

Many factors decide what kind of packaging will work best for you, but the most crucial is considering how your product will be used. How much money you have available also plays a role in choosing custom packaging as there are many options out there with differing prices. Remember to make sure your package stands out against others by using colours that evoke emotion and adding extra custom touches to your product.

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