Tips to Create A Better Small Business Blog

Most business owners are already aware of the fact that having a good business blog attached to the company domain brings in numerous long-term benefits. Branding efforts are increased and more potential customers get in touch with the company. Business blogs drive traffic to the business and offer great advertising opportunities through landing pages that are simply more effective.

After you decide that the business blog should be started, it is time to work on it. If you want it to be successful, here are some simple tips to remember but first Learn Investment and Finance – Online Courses – FutureLearn  

Consistently Blog

Perfect blogging streaks are not necessary but you need to show consistency. Posting 4 articles in one week and then nothing for a month is not going to help. Obviously, the more the business blogs, the easier all marketing efforts will be.

According to different statistics, the best thing you can do is post 4 times weekly. This or more normally brings in around 3.5 times more traffic when compared with the firms that just publish up to 4 blog posts per month. Create a schedule and stick to it in order to get the most out of your small business blog.

Keyword Research Is Needed

Business owners understand that the topic of blog articles have to be related to the work done by the business. However, if you do not know what people look for when they use search engines, how do you know what you should blog about? Never rely on intuition since keyword research is very important for the success of a good small business blog.

What are your business goals? Do you want to market a business ebook? Do you want to increase leads? Based on small business needs find those phrases that people use to find content. This will help you to find wonderful keywords that work very well.

Make sure that you do not overdo it when you add keywords to your blog posts. The most important part of blogging is to offer good quality content that the reader can relate to or can learn from. When you overdo it with keywords you can easily end up with people leaving since the content that is written does not seem natural.

Optimized Blog Lengths

Some time ago it was mentioned that the best blog length is much lower than it actually is. Longer blog posts always rank better in the major search engines. Studies were conducted and it was shown that most of the top 10 results are articles that go over 2,000 words. Obviously, you do not have to write only blog posts that are so long but it is better to go over that word count and do it as often as possible.

Speaking about lengths, it is also a really good idea to optimize blog title length. Titles catch the attention of the reader. When thinking about search engines, it was recently shown that the most traffic is received by blog posts with title lengths between 6 and 13 words. You want to stay between these boundaries.

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