Top 7 Features of 100% Recycled Brown Paper Shopping Bags You Must Know

It’s no secret that competition has reached a new high in the market currently, no matter what business you “are in.” As far as an ecommerce site is concerned, you still have the option to optimize its search result ranking and appear above your rivals. But when it comes to brick-and-mortar stores, you can’t leverage the same to get your target customer’s attention. That’s when you realize you need some solid marketing material that could help your brand stand out from your opponents. But the question is, what could it be? A printed ball pen, an elegant gift card, a small discount voucher, or a branded keyring? Well, whatever you have your eyes on, each requires a significant amount of additional investment in it, ok? But what if we tell you a low-budget option that is more of a “necessity” than a “luxury.” Yes, the Brown Paper Shopping Bags made from 100% recycled material is an excellent item you can offer to your customers to carry their purchases. 

Recycled Brown Paper Shopping Bags

However, you must take note that it won’t yield impressive results unless and until you add your brand’s logo to the Brown Paper Shopping Bags. Now the next question arises, how to print a logo on your carry bags? For that, you can look for a “one-stop solution” offered by retail ecommerce dealers who sell and stamp the trademarks on product-carrying bags. What’s more? They let you choose either “post-print in ink” or “hot-stamp foil” to emboss your purchase bags with the desired symbol. It means you can start using those carry bags immediately after you receive them from the online vendor. 

By doing this, you won’t just offer your consumers an appealing and attention-centric way to carry their purchases but also advertise your retail store in the easiest possible way. Thus, it will lead to the success of your business pretty much sooner than later. But wait, do you also have an issue with the size selection of your Brown Paper Shopping Bags? 

If yes, you need not worry about that “as well” since premier retail ecommerce distributors also assist in choosing the right size for your carry bag by connecting with a knowledgeable Product Expert through the phone. Meanwhile, you can also discuss your custom requirements of shopping bags with the merchant’s representative and seek a solution for the same. So, isn’t that a purely retailer-oriented customer service you would ever want to experience? 

If yes, let’s go deeper into the details of biodegradable carry bags and find out:

How do Recyclable Brown Paper Shopping Bags Gets Manufactured? 

Just to let you know, the Brown Paper Carrying Bags are produced from 100% recycled paper, containing at least 95% post-consumer content. It means you can rescue and reuse twice as much paper pulp as needed to make one shopping bag which you could have transferred to the local dump otherwise. What else? These 100% recycled paper purchase bags are “extremely” environment friendly as they contribute to reducing landfill rubbish that plastic bags are primarily “responsible for.” 

However, when it comes to ease of use, the brown paper carrying bags sold by “reputed retailer-centric merchants” sit flat on their bottom when opened for inserting various products. And let us tell you these bags are not just “known” for effortless loading of products but the availability in several popular sizes for Gem to Jumbo shoppers. 

“Coming to” the design of this carrying bag – it features a square-bottomed surface that makes it easy for large measurement items to place into the sack smoothly. In addition to that, it also has twisted paper handles that are durable and comfortable to carry things like Jewellery, apparel, and small houseware items. As far as its look goes, it doesn’t leave any room for complaints given that it appears so aesthetically appealing. Besides all, do you know what the best part of these paper bags is? It elevates your customer experience with each purchase they make from you. 

With that over, now let’s take a look at the last topic in this post, i.e., 

What are the unique features of Brown Paper Shopping Bags?

1. 100% recycled content, 95% post-consumer waste

2. Curb side recyclable & naturally biodegradable

3. Easy-to-carry paper twisted handles

4. High-end eco-aesthetic

5. Square bottom makes packing easy

6. Paper Weight: 60lb

7. SQF Certified for Food Safety (category 27)


We hope you learned the composition and features of Brown Paper Carrying Bags in this piece of content. So, if you want to place the bulk order for these recyclable shopping bags now, please visit the business-centric retail ecommerce store on the web right away. 

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