What is an Affiliation and how do You Become an Affiliated Marketer

Having a successful blog or website that provides useful information can be very fulfilling. The question many writers have after seeing traffic flock to their site is “how do I monetize this”? You might have thought about a subscription model but getting people to pay for something that was free is a hard task. An alternative is an affiliate model, where you get paid to send customers to websites that sell goods or services.

What is an Affiliation?

An affiliation is a partnership with another company or website where you get paid if the customer you send purchases a good or service. If your site focuses on actively investing, then an obvious choice would be a forex broker. Forex brokers are an excellent affiliate partner as there are no upfront costs to an investor. An investor does not have to pay to belong to a broker for you to get paid. All that needs to happen is that you send an investor to a broker and they deposit capital and make a trade.

How It Works

If you want to be an affiliate to generate income from sending customers to a broker, you need them to deposit capital. When you sign up to be an affiliate you will receive a piece of software code called HTML code. If a customer of yours clicks on that link, a record will be noted that tells your affiliate partner that you sent the customer to them.

If the marked clients then signs-up for the brokerage service, deposit capital and then makes a transaction you will get credit for bringing that customer aboard. Unfortunately, if the client clicks on the link and does not transact, you do not receive any benefits. This means that you want to make sure you find a very good partner that has service that is appealing. You can see how this is not only attractive to you but also a great way for a broker to advertise. They only pay for the advertising if someone transacts. For you, this is a win-win proposition. If you already have people coming to your site and you are looking for a way to monetize your traffic, then an affiliate program is an excellent way to generate income.

What Types of Affiliate Programs are Available?

There are several different types of affiliate programs. You need to perform due diligence, to find an affiliation that fits with your service.  It’s very important that you determine how you get paid. Some brokers will pay a onetime fee, while others will pay each time a client makes a deposit. Some may even pay a percentage of the dollars earned from that client. Prior to signing as an affiliate, you need to find out if there is an affiliate partner that will allow you to earn the income you desire in a timely fashion. Additionally, you should research the affiliate partner to make sure there are no negative comments especially about payments to affiliates.

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