Cupcake Recipes for Business

There’s something magical about cupcakes, a beautifully decorated cake all to yourself, who could resist?

With growing popularity over the past years, we are now in the middle of a cupcake revolution and there are hundreds of recipes around. We have gathered together our favorite, tried and tested, recipes and added some decorating ideas and tips all in one place for you.

Cupcake Recipes

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4 Responses

  1. gsto ko po snang mg bznez kso po mllit pa po ung mga anak ko tpux mlit dn ung kta nga aswa ko anu po bng bgay na i bxnex qo ??

  2. I have never had lemon Cupcakes i am sure i would like them becuase i am a big lemon cake fan!

  3. Cures For Heartburn says:

    Really enjoyed looking through the different cupcake recipes. I am going to try to make that carrot cupcake recipe, it sounds delicious. Hopefully they come out as good as I hope. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. InspiroHost says:

    Aww this is such a cute sharing. I love the pink color, the theme, the photographs are so yummy. Have you tried decorating your cup cakes with smarties? Another idea I got from a video somewhere is to have a cup cake appended on a cone to give the look of a cone ice cream.

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