Direct Shopping Business Opportunity

Direct Shopping Inc. offers four types of opportunities according to different business levels namely: Distributor, Group Manager, Agent and as a Dealer. Your distribution business mainly consists of booking orders and conducting workshops to prospective clients where your business is located. Your scope of business will cover a certain area or territory. In order to reach out to your customers, Direct Shopping Inc. will work with you to put up your base of operations through the establishment of an office and storage facility located at a strategic location.

Being an Agent and/or Dealer is one the most convenient way to earn and have a chance to become a Distributor someday. To start your own business, just buy the Business Starter Kit and start exploring the possibilities to earn more in your business… You set your own targets, working hours and create your own schedule, striking a good work-life balance that will benefit your family. So you work when YOU want to!

Direct Shopping Business Level


The entrepreneur as a Dealer, is the one that directly promotes the products of Direct Shopping to its end-users (consumers). To become a Dealer simply register and purchase 500.00 Php worth of Direct Shopping products and enjoy a 20% discount privilege.


The entrepreneur as an Agent, can have the option to promote and sell the products of Direct Shopping to his Dealers or directly to the end-users (consumers). To become an Agent, simply register and purchase 5,000.00 Php worth of Direct Shopping products and enjoy a 25% discount privilege.


An Entrepreneur as a Group Manager, can have the option to promote and sell the products of Direct Shopping thru his Dealer, Agent or directly to the end-user (consumer). To become a Group Manager simply register and purchase 35,000.00 Php worth of Direct Shopping products and enjoy a 30% discount privilege.

* Minimum deliveries apply.


An Entrepreneur as a Distributor, can have the option to promote and sell Direct Shopping products thru his Dealers, Agents, Group Managers and even directly to the end-users (consumer). To become a Distributor, simply register and purchase 110,000.00 Php worth of Direct Shopping products and enjoy more than 40% discount privilege.


An Entrepreneur who would like to become an Outlet, a minimum capital of 500,000.00 Php and a place of at least 50 square meter is required.

Direct Shopping Inc. would like to invite you to their head office with your letter of intent so that they can discuss further the details of the investment.

Starpreneur Dimples Romana on Direct Shopping Business

Mompreneurs on Direct Shopping Business Opportunity

Contact Details

Main Office
Address : No. 103 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines
Mobile : (Sun) +63-922-8656554 / (Globe) +63-916-3518072 / (Smart) +63-920-5445251
Tel : (02)-774-6750 / (02)-516-5386 / (02)-708-0367 Fax : (02)-414-5696
Email : info@directshoppingphils.com

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  1. Cecilia Bea says:

    How to buy the detergent it’s good

  2. John Nelson says:

    I’m interested in possibly doing business with your company as an AGENT to start with HOWEVER is it possible to have a list of the products you carry so I can decide to be an agent.

    Thank you .
    John Nelson.

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