Herbal Soap Making Business

herbal soap making businessHerbal Soap Making Business. Herbal soap contains natural ingredients, juice or extract, and vitamins from medicinal plants and fruits like papaya, lemon and calamansi.

How to start a business in herbal soap making. The following guide is very helpful for anyone interested in making their own herbal soap.

I. Estimated Investment Requirements

A. Tools/ Equipments*
Glass or cup – P269
Plastic Pail (16L capacity) – 220
Cheese cloth or strainer – 30
Wooden ladle or bamboo stick – 25
Knife – 140
Chopping board – 190
Plastic molders – 875

B. Materials/ Ingredients*
1 glass or 250 ml caustic soda (NaOH) – P11
3 glasses water
5 glasses cooking oil – 92
1/2 glass juice/ extract – 10

* Based on march 2009 market prices

II. Procedures

1. Prepare the materials and the utensils needed
2. Measure 1 glass of caustic soda and 3 glasses of water and pour into a plastic pail.
3. Mix well by stirring continuously using a wooden ladle or bamboo stick. Use only one direction when stirring.
4. Stir until the caustic soda is dissolved.
5. Pour 5 glasses cooking oil into the mixture.
6. Continue stirring until a consistency similar to a condensed milk is achieved then add 1/2 glass of juice or extract.
7. Pour the soap mixture into desired plastic molders. Set aside and and let it cool to harden.
8. After 4-5 hours, remove the soap from the molder.
9. Allow 30 days of ageing before packing.
10. Label the soaps.


Kamias – fruit extract or juice (bleaching soap)
Calamansi – fruit extract or juice (bleaching soap)
Cucumber – fruit extract or juice (moisturizer)
Papaya – extract from fresh leaves (bleaching/ moisturizer)
Radish – extract from the stem (moisturizer)

III. Estimated Costing and Pricing

A. Product costing

Direct cost
Raw materials- P113
Labor cost/5 times/formulation/day – 76.40
(382/day min. wage)
Water and electricity – 50
TOTAL Direct cost- P239.40

Indirect cost
Transportation cost* – P100

*may vary depending on distance between area of business operation and source of raw materials and/or market area.

Production cost
Total Direct cost – 239.40
Add: Indirect cost – 100
Estimated Production cost – P339.40

*Finished product will result in 15 bars of soap (130 grams/ bar)

B. Product Pricing

Production cost per 130 grams soap – P23.00
Add: 20% mark-up of the production cost – 4.60
Estimated selling price/ 130 grams soap – 27.60
Market Price per piece – P30.00

* If price per 130 grams of soap is lower compared with the existing market price, increase the mark-up to 30% or more. The higher the mark-up, the higher the profit margin.

IV. Register and Get your Permits/ licenses here.

V. Business Funding Sources here.

Source: dost.gov.ph, trc

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  1. Randy says:

    Selling.your soaps without fda notification is ilegal. Your sample investment computation is appealing however selling your sopes legally is unrealistic if the cost of FDA notification requirements is included in your computation.

  2. Gereon Ma-amo says:

    I am interested in herbal soap making but i do not know how to start with it.

  3. Editha Pio says:

    I ‘m so interested about soap making. I’m from Valenzuela City . Sir/, Ma’am where can I buy soap making materials as well as goals and equipments to be used.

  4. Jayre says:

    How can I avail the ingredients?

  5. Jayre says:

    How to avail the ingredients.? Im very much interested to make my own soap foe personal consumtiin.

  6. Idyl Diana A. Fuertes says:

    I am going to make soap and market it soon…

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    I am very much willing to learn soap making for our personal consumption and as business. I want to subscribe by email.

  8. Im interested in herbal soap making.. where i can buy the raw materials and molders… thank you

  9. Finest says:

    this is Great tips for moms at home they can earn extra income for soap making

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    very inspiring i want to know more about herbal soap business ideas

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