Top 5 websites where freelancers from Philippines can earn a decent living

Top 5 websites where freelancers from Philippines can earn a decent living

There are many countries in the world where people would rather work in a freelance regime. And this is because in those areas, the average salary is way too low for a decent living. But even as a freelancer, one has to know where to find well paid jobs. We thought about helping these people and so, we have made a list with top 5 websites where freelancers from Philippines can earn good money.

  1. Writers.ph

This website is dedicated to any person who enjoys writing and wants to earn money out of this. It says to offer regular payments, which is great for any freelancer. Anyone interested must complete a form and apply on the website. However, the team does not accept all applications instantly – they review them first. The candidates must hold a superior educational degree (Bachelor, Master or PhD), must have writing experience, and most importantly, must have impressive English skills. The freelancers working in here receive about $750 monthly.

  1. Freelancercareers.com

This website is perfect for any freelancer, because it promises to permanently find jobs for you. The users just have to choose the projects they are best at. The persons who want to apply in here must have good computer skills and a permanent internet connection. Next, they must never miss a deadline! The jobs available include researching, writing, presentations, proofreading and editing. The monthly payment can reach even $800!

  1. Essaywriters.net

This website promises lots of regular work. It is famous among clients, due to its reliability. In here, freelancers can earn up to $30 per page. The company prefers to hire persons who get the highest scores after Grammar Test submission and upload some writing samples. Furthermore, it is even better if the candidate is an expert in rare subjects like technical and science. The average income in here is about $700.

  1. Freelancer.ph

This website is especially designed for Philippines. In here, users can apply to projects and bid for them. Also, the clients can speak with their employees by using the real time chat. Freelancer.ph withholds different fees, depending on the type of project and membership plan. Users are able to see which project is more urgent or which one is ending soon. In this way, they can apply to clients willing to hire somebody faster.

  1. Ifreelance.com

This website hosts freelancers from all areas – finance, engineering, graphic design, legal, marketing, programming, education, writing, etc. Basically, anyone could find a job in here, as long as this one can be completed on a computer. Ifreelance.com does not perceive a commission for transactions. However, freelancers must pay for a membership in order to create an account on this website. There are three different levels of membership – basic ($6.25), silver ($9) and gold ($12).

In conclusion, if you are a freelancer from Philippines, try creating an account on these websites. They have tons of work available and some of them can even guarantee a stable income per month. Start applying for jobs right now and gain some good money.


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    I would highly recommend this valuable site for all OFWs who want to start a business in the country. Keep us updated on the latest business ideas. God bless.

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    sir i am looking for freelance job in India can you guide me the freelance genuine website list

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