How To Make Paper Mache

Paper Mache is one of the most versatile yet underused crafting materials. Paper Mache can be used to create everything from masks and pinatas to decorative objects and sculpture. Paper crafters will find that they can use paper Mache to create accents, add texture, and create three dimensional effects. Paper Mache is simply a mix of a paper Mache paste with shredded paper which creates what is essentially a very lightweight compound building material.

There are several ways to create paper Mache, but the easiest way is to create a paper Mache paste using one part water to one part white glue. Children’s glue works perfectly for this process. You will then need to decide what type of paper you are going to use. Depending on what you want to create, you can use long strips of paper or finely shredded paper. Strips of paper are good for most projects, but experiment to see what you like best.

Follow these easy steps to create your first paper mache artwork:

1. Mix the paper and glue in a large container until the paper is saturated with the water and glue mix.

2. Start with an object that you want to cover. You can use a balloon for many projects to create a hollow interior, or you can cover an object made of wood or cardboard. If you are creating a flat object for paper crafting, you can use a shallow mold (spray the mold with cooking spray to ensure that your project releases easily). You can find specific instructions for different projects online.

3. Start covering the object with strips of saturated paper, smoothing it over the surface for a smooth look, or leaving it wrinkled for a textured look. Put no more than 2-3 layers of paper Mache on the object, then let dry until almost completely dry. Continue building until you have reached the thickness you want to achieve.

4. Cover the work with paper Mache made of white printer or copy paper if you are planning to paint the object. When the work is thoroughly dried, you can begin decorating your paper Mache. Paper Mache can be painted, sprayed with texturizing paint, decorated with any lightweight item from tissue paper to feathers, beads, rhinestones, or stickers.

Creating a paper Mache project is that simple. The product is perfect for anyone from kids to adults, and is so versatile that it can be used to create nearly anything. Paper Mache is perfect for creating seasonal objects such as Christmas Decorations, Easter eggs, Halloween pails and masks, or almost anything else you can think of. If you choose, you can create your final layer of work with tissue or other patterned paper for a finished look.

The number of projects you can create with paper Mache is surprising- a simple search for paper Mache projects will turn up thousands of results. Remember that if you are covering an object that you want to remove, such as a bowl, simply spray with cooking spray before working to ensure the paper Mache will release. Use different techniques to add a decorative touch to your paper Mache- add powdered tempra paint to your paste to make colored paper Mache, use different types of paper such as magazine pages and leftover wrapping paper, try using metal leafing to decorate items, anything you can think of that will add a special touch. Paper Mache is a fun project that can be created by anyone from young children to adults- your only limitation is your imagination!

Paper mache video

Sources: howdoimakepapermache.com, video from youtube

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