7 Wrong Ways You Are Thinking About a Mattress

Replacing your old mattress requires comparing prices and features of various brands. These come in variables including innerspring, latex, memory foam, and euro top. Since you don’t buy a new mattress often, ensure to be careful to protect your investment. With too much information everywhere, you have to mind about how to get a great night’s sleep when looking for a mattress. To make an informed decision, here are wrong ways you might be thinking about a mattress.


Mattress replacement is after 8 years

According to the Better Sleep Council, you should replace your mattress after 7 to 10 years. However, this depends on support and comfort. Keep in mind that mattress life varies wildly and depends on how you take care of it, your sleep cycle, and how often you rotate the mattress. Your mattress is sleep performance gear. Appropriate care will make the mattress last longer while delivering quality sleep. The ideal time to replace your mattress is when you don’t get quality sleep regardless of how long you have slept on it.

Any mattress firmness is good for the back

You need a mattress conforming to your favorite sleep position. This lessens pain and discomfort and makes the body relax before going into regenerative sleep. The mattress should support all the areas of your body while offering appropriate support and conformability. A soft mattress conforms to body shape but doesn’t offer uniform support across the body. Medium firmness in a mattress offers equal conformity and support to alleviate pressure pain. Extreme firmness in a mattress offers god support but limited conformability leading to pressure pain.

Sleep trial is not necessary

Just looking at a mattress can’t reveal whether it will give you ideal sleep. When purchasing the best cheap mattress in Dubai , choose one with a sleep trial. This is usually about 100 days to give you a chance to test the quality of the mattress. In case the mattress doesn’t give you quality sleep. You can return it to the supplier for a refund or exchange. It ensures that you always sleep on the mattress to match your needs.

Tossing and turning is part of sleep

Babies roll over during sleep at 4 months. Adults usually move about 75 times during sleep. It might be a full out roll or twitch. Movement during sleep alleviates pressure point pain and lessens stress. It also limits back and joint strain. A quality mattress might lessen movement at night by offering pressure point relief. This encourages slipping into deeper and relaxing REM sleep.

A new mattress feels great the first time

There’s always great anticipation when looking forward to sleeping on a new mattress. However, you need about 24 hours before immersing into the comfort of your new mattress. This gives time for the joints and muscles to get a memory of the most comfortable spots on the new mattress. However, this doesn’t mean looking for a mattress with a comfort guarantee. By the time you take the plunge to buy a new mattress, you need to have researched for the best mattress brand on the market. By the time you sleep on the mattress, the experience will just be a natural progression into quality sleep.

Each mattress need flipping over

Not every mattress needs flipping over after some months. Some mattresses are made to be one-sided and don’t require flipping. You just have to understand the best way to get maximum enjoyment from your mattress while lessening body impressions. The trick is to sleep in various positions and places on your bed for the whole mattress surface to compress evenly.

You can rotate a double side mattress for the first 6 months and on a quarterly basis afterward. A new mattress requires rotating bi-weekly for the first 2 months if you are sleeping on it for the first time. Body impressions on a new mattress are about 1 ½ inch and it is not a structural defect. Upholstery material will conform to your body weight and shape nicely with time.

Any mattress warranty is good enough

Warranties on mattresses don’t guarantee life expectation. Perhaps the warranty covers materials and workmanship. There is a chance that your mattress might wear and tear out much quicker than the warranty duration. The trick to buying a new mattress is reading the fine details of the warranty including the terms and conditions. Transport costs from the factory are not usually covered for repair or replacement. And, a new warranty is not issued on a replaced mattress.

Bottom line

Quality sleep is essential for overall wellbeing and general health. This requires sleeping on a quality mattress that offers comfort and appropriate support. When in the market for a new mattress, choose a reputable supplier offering quality mattresses with a sleep trial and good warranty. This will ensure getting good value for money. 

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