What to look for when buying covers for outdoor furniture?

The most important aspect of outdoor furniture maintenance is that you must protect it from the elements of weather. To protect outdoor furniture, you must use furniture covers no matter which part of the world you may reside. The rule is the same everywhere because rain and snow can damage outdoor furniture as much as the sun and wind, and you must buy the best quality covers. Furniture is an expensive investment, and you must protect each piece very well to ensure that you enjoy it for a long time. Before shopping for covers, you must gather information to know what constitutes the best. 

Here are some aspects that you must take care of when buying covers for furniture to ensure that you make a good purchase.

Choose breathable fabric

The selection of fabric is significant for covers of outdoor furniture because it provides the necessary protection. The fabric must have breathable quality, a factor that you cannot compromise with. This makes it very clear that you cannot choose plastic covering outdoor furniture because plastic does not have breathable quality. Breathable fabric allows ample ventilation by allowing air to pass through, which prevents mildew and mould growth on the furniture.  Non-breathable material will enable moisture to trap inside that can damage the furniture, which can aggravate if the climate is moist and humid, which can be very bad for wooden furniture.

 Use water-resistant material

 Besides being breathable, the fabric of the covers must be water-resistant too, and you can test it by spraying water or some other liquid on it. If the water remains on the surface and does not soak in or beads up, then it is water-resistant. Soaking water means that it passes through the fabric and affects the furniture that it is supposed to protect. Besides, if the fabric is non-breathable, then it compounds the damage, and it would be better not to waste your money in trying to cover the furniture. If testing the material is not possible, read the label claim to ensure that the material can resist water.

Do not overlook the small details

For the covers to look good, its finishing matters a lot, and you must not ignore the little details that contribute to the elegant and smart looks.  The covers must have crisp corners and seams appropriately sewn. Zippers are also an excellent option to ensure secured covering from all sides. The finishing of the covers indicates the amount of care taken to create it. Inexpensive covers would lack in the finer details that go into the making of high quality and good-looking covers. For example, cheap covers neither have zippers nor the sewing of seams as good as the expensive ones.

Proper fit

The covers should fit appropriately on the furniture regardless of its shape, size, and design and must snugly fit to cover every part of the furniture from top to bottom. This would ensure full protection of the furniture. Loosely fitting covers would leave room for damage.

Look for warranties of covers as many good companies are ready to offer it.

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