SEO Tips: How to Compete with Big Brands and Win with a Small Budget

Well-established brands have a distinct advantage in SEO: money. Increased funding can provide a skilled team of professional that will do their best to increase traffic and bring a website to the very top of search results. This often discourages smaller businesses that have only entered into the market. However, search engines aren’t looking for funding. They seek organic content and web pages that users seek. This is where small businesses can get an edge. It’s not difficult to compete with big brands when you have a smart marketing strategy behind you. Here are a few SEO tips to help businesses achieve this.

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Assess Your Team’s Strengths

The budget isn’t the only measure of successful digital marketing. Countless marketing strategies have failed because they did not resonate with the target audience. Search engines aren’t much different. You can throw money at the problem, but it doesn’t guarantee success.

Every digital marketing team should check their strengths. Are you good at creating compelling content? Even with a lackluster budget, you can create videos and blog posts that naturally attract users. This will catch the attention of search engines. If your business is well-known on a local level, consider capitalizing on this. Build backlinks with the help of local businesses and create a sizeable reputation for your brand. 

Set Reasonable Expectations

The downfall of many small Australian marketing teams has ambitions that are a little too big. When you’re running with a small budget and competing with global brands, it’s important that you have a little perspective. You can’t expect to take over the market overnight. Those same giant brands didn’t do it this way, either.

Be clear about what your team can realistically achieve. If you’re aiming to quadruple your daily visitors in a month, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Doubling page views and getting websites on the front page of search results is a bit more realistic, and it’s something that would significantly contribute to the business. Know what’s achievable and strive to get to this result with the resources that you have.


Focus on Your Marketing Goals

Every marketing strategy needs to have clear goals. Consider your priorities before making any big decisions. Do you want to drive more traffic to the website or increase the number of conversions? Optimizing every element and hoping that this will directly impact sales isn’t a good strategy, and it’s not going to provide satisfactory results.

Determine which key metrics will be used as a measure of success for your marketing strategy. If increasing conversions is your main goal, make sure that the changes you introduce reflect this. A long-tail keyword strategy won’t dramatically affect your conversions, so it would be best to invest in another change. If you’re looking to increase the visibility of your website, on the other hand, it could be a very effective strategy.

Delegate Tasks to Different Teams

A small budget will limit the amount of assistance you can receive for your digital marketing strategy. Many Australian businesses often have one team that handles the different aspects of their online marketing. This can limit the scope of your changes, but it doesn’t necessarily have to lessen the quality.

Delegate tasks to the aptest individuals in the team. Instead of having every member work on every aspect of the marketing, make sure that individual members can dedicate time, research, and effort towards advancing one aspect that they are familiar with.

Many of these teams lack the resources and experience to deal with SEO, which is why businesses often have to delegate these tasks to outside assistance. Australian businesses look to professionals in SEO from Sydney to handle their digital marketing needs if their teams aren’t up to the task. With the assistance of expert help, certain aspects of the marketing can be handled with care, while also providing a higher ROI for the business that invested in it.

Start with Small Improvements

Creating a well-performing digital marketing strategy is difficult when you’re on a tight budget, but it’s not impossible. Search engines seek organic results above all else, and this is a perfectly feasible result for any business, as long as they start small.

Focus your efforts on a particular part of the digital marketing strategy. If a certain product or service brings in the most visitors, it would be wise to put it at the forefront of your strategy. Optimize the website to favor these products, as this will lessen the burden for your marketing team. Creating organic content that focuses on one topic or issue is a lot easier than covering everything that your business deals with. It’s going to reduce the strain on your budget, while also giving you ample time to create organic results that attract visitors.


While having a limited budget for digital marketing is a handicap for many Australian businesses, it hasn’t stopped them from optimizing their websites and pages. Creating a compelling marketing strategy takes funding, research, and effort, where each element influences the result. With smart and efficient strategies, even a small business can leave its mark on the industry.

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