Convincing Your CEO to Link Build

With artificial intelligence, smart assistants and the internet of things becoming more popular every day, it’s now even more important than ever that your business gets its place online. My business already has a website and social media pages, doesn’t it already have its place online? First, that was a good step you took, but just being online is not enough. It’s important that you have a page that ranks well through Search Engine Optimization. Additionally, you should have a website that stands up above its competition. This will guarantee your website more visibility. You can achieve this through link building.

Why go for link building?

Link building simply involves hyperlinking other websites to your own. Through hyperlinking, users can effortlessly navigate through pages online. Most of the times the hyperlinks lead to better ranking websites covering the same or a related issue. Web crawlers utilize these hyperlinks to crawl between websites. Many experienced SEO experts have stated that link building can be quite challenging with varying levels of difficulty depending on the context but very long-lasting positive results. Link building has been put across as the SEO method that gives the best results. So, if you have a business website or a looking to create one, linking building is the way to go to boost your website’s ranking. It might take quite some time, but the results will be beyond worth it. Isn’t that exciting?

As previously mentioned, link building can be a bit challenging. Here are a few effortless link building tips and tricks that will make this endeavor a little smoother for you.

Guest posting

This is quite a simple way of link building to improve your websites rankings online. In guest posting, you can contribute good content to the top-ranking websites in your sector. If the websites are impressed by your content, they get to publish it on their websites. Some of these websites that post your content will be kind enough to hyperlink your website in the publication. This has an immediate effect of driving traffic to your website. For it to work well and have significant results you have to be consistent in your content contribution.

Answering Q&As

This method involves your business participating in the media’s Q&A programs. You can go online and identify relevant questions to your business being asked by the press and provide answers. Most media outlets usually share backlinks to your website when they use your answers. Since the media outlets have a lot of traffic, you are likely to get a lot of traffic to your website.

Real-time unlinked mentions

Some brands are prone to be regularly mentioned or written about on the internet. If your brand or business falls among the lucky few that have this advantage, you can utilize it to improve your websites online ranking. There are a few tools available online to help you monitor your mentions. You can contact the publishers of the mentions to see if they can agree to link to your website. Most at times, they do accept under their conditions. You can be sure your website will get a lot of visibility this way.


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