10 Apps That Will Change The Way You Decorate

There’s a lot involved in home decoration. You’ve got to decide upon an idea that you’d like, find similar ideas to see if it would work, select paint colors and take accurate measurements, all before you even put any of the planned redecoration work into motion. It can be a tiring process, but the presence of apps for all these tasks makes it a lot easier to plan.

This infographic from Jarrimber   http://jarrimber.com.au/   highlights 10 apps that will come as a massive help to anyone planning to renovate their home. The first step is to find a design idea, and apps such as Houzz and Craftgawker are superb sources of inspiration. Once you come across ideas that you like, you should make a note of them for easy reference later. That’s where Instapaper comes in.

Choosing colours you like isn’t too difficult, but seeing how they complement each other is a key step that can be too easy to overlook. MyPantone will help you to visualise how various colours will look when placed side by side so that you can judge if your proposed colour scheme will work.

Let’s check out the infographic below to see what other apps made the list.

10 Apps That Will Change The Way You Decorate 1


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  1. Rolling Sky says:

    Thanks for sharing these apps, they are useful. Among them, I just use Pinterest, an app supply image is well

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