Facebook Marketing And Hotels

We have witnessed the ubiquity of smartphones in recent years whereby it’s difficult to walk down the street without encountering someone using their phone. They are using it to communicate, to navigate and to get information among other things. We’ve also seen the strong emergence of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snap, and Instagram among others. These, while immensely popular amongst individuals are hugely powerful tools for brands as a result of the vast amounts of demographic information they provide. This information can be used by brands and the likes of hotels to get in front of the exact target market that they want.

Having a Facebook page for your hotel is practically a necessity as a large cohort of people will search for you with the Facebook interface and if you are not on it, they might be turned off by this. A Facebook page for your hotel of course needs to be closely monitored in that people might message you to ask questions about their stay or with other queries or they could leave a review or a comment. As a result, the responsibility of monitoring the page’s activity needs to be assigned to someone who knows how to optimize it and who knows how to engage with people and so on. This might require training and it might require there to be a number of policies put into place to deal with any queries that might arise.

This infographic from the team at The Europe covers everything that you need to know in relation to Facebook marketing in relation to hotels. It begins by outlining some interesting statistics about the importance of the social platform; it details how to set up a basic account; it focuses on how to optimize your profile and get the most from it once you have it set up and it also delivers some interesting expert advice on the matter. Check the full graphic out below.

Facebook Marketing And Hotels 1


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