How Often Should I Clean That?

Cleaning is a task that very few people like doing but your home simply must be cleaned every so often. This infographic from HappyCleans goes through some areas of your house that you may not have even thought about cleaning before and tells you how often you should be cleaning them.

It isn’t a nice area to discuss but the toilet bowl needs a weekly clean to keep it fresh. All you have to do is use a ½ cup of white vinegar or a ¼ cup chlorine bleach and then brush the entire interior with a toilet brush before flushing. If you have a hard ring on your toilet let it sit for 60 mins before brushing clean.

Another often forgotten about area is the refrigerator and there’s so much food going in and out of it that a lot of bacteria can gather. Did you know that salad drawers can have 750 times the safe level of bacteria? Clean the fridge out at least every month to keep this from happening. See the full infographic now to learn more about how often common household items need a good clean!

How Often Should I Clean That? 1

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