Clogged Toilet and No Plunger? 7 Efficient Ways to Handle the Situation

Let us guess: the children have ended up throwing the toilet paper in the toilet bowl, and now the toilet is clogged. We all know that a plunger is one of the most excellent time-efficient tools to rescue the toilet bowl from a deadly situation. But, you might experience stress when you discover that the plunger is broken or you don’t have a plunger at all.

clogged toilet

However, a plunger is not the only way to reverse your toilet into an accurate functional state. It might be the fastest and safest way. But, there are plenty of choices available when it comes to unclogging your toilet bowl. Here are some of the alternatives that can help you in unclogging the toilet without a plunger.

1. Try with your Favourite Dish Soap

The toilet of every house requires special attention in terms of cleaning and maintenance. However, plunging into a toilet is not a fun activity. But, it’s necessary to keep the hygiene intact. Now, when you are running out of plungers, you grab advice from the best plumber Dubai service specialities. They usually suggest you rush to your kitchen and get the dish soap container. Squeeze out the required amount of dish soap from the container and pour it into the toilet bowl.

The dish soap is lubricating in nature, and it would make the toilet bowl slippery. It will permit the clogged debris to lubricate easily through the bowl. Allow the dish soap to sit for a while until the debris finds its way to drain out. When you can’t avail the dish soap, then you can try hand soap. Well, you need to chop it into small pieces to apply the trick. Throw the pieces into the toilet and flush them away after some time. It should unclog the toilet.

2. Heat up Some Water

In case the dish soap or hand soap didn’t bring any difference to your clogged toilet, here’s another beginner alternative. Well, hot water is a known remedy for unclogging drains and toilets. And, it makes sense to pour the hot water into the toilet bowl. On the other hand, if your toilet bowl doesn’t contain enough water to remove the debris, this trick should work.

So, warm up some water, but make sure that you don’t pour boiling water into the toilet bowl. Or else, it can go disastrous. For a more prominent result, you can pour half a cup of salt into the toilet bowl before you spill the bucket of hot water. Check if it drains out the elements accused of toilet clogging.

3. Kitchen Ingredients at your Rescue

Before you rush to your nearby store in search of an effective drain cleaner, it’s high time that you sneak into your kitchen again. Your kitchen is the wonder-corner of your home, where you can easily access the magic ingredients from your kitchen when your toilet is clogged.

We are sure that your kitchen does have the right amount of vinegar and baking soda. Recent DIY experiments have shown that these two powerful ingredients are enough to unclog drain and toilets. First, you have to sprinkle a cup of baking soda into the bowl. Then, you can directly pour vinegar into the toilet bowl.

Or, you can mix it with warm water and then pour it into the toilet; this can prevent natural spilling. Don’t pour the vinegar first; otherwise, your toilet can burst out. Let the toilet remain in a fizzy condition for nearly twenty minutes, then try flushing it out.

4. Neutralise with Drain Cleaners

In case none of the methods works, then the clogging menaces must be quite stubborn for your toilet bowl. And, you might require chemical substances to cope with the clogging clutter. However, you should be extremely careful while using drain cleaners. If not used with proper measures and precautions, these drain cleaners can severely damage the plumbing lines and the toilet.

Additionally, these drain cleaners are not eco-friendly. However, if you’re quite sure about using these cleaners and have used them before, then you can carry on. Use them in the prescribed amount. As an alternative to such chemical cleaners, you can use bleach and dish soap. Add two to three cups of bleach to dish soap or detergent and pour the mixture into the toilet bowl. Let it rest in the bowl for twenty to thirty minutes before you trigger the flush of the toilet.

5. Brush it down

We have already mentioned that cleaning and unclogging a toilet is not fun. And, you might experience unpleasant incidents. However, you need to efficiently clean up the toilet after you flush the clogging debris. Well, we know that you don’t have a plunger, but you can try planning the cleaning regime with a toilet brush.

Therefore, wear your masks and gloves before you grab the toilet brush. Place the brush with its bristles facing the toilet bowl. The angles should be in the downward direction. The toilet brush would help in loosening the debris that created the clog. Pumping up and down with the toilet brush would ease up the clog, and you can experience a functional toilet again.

6. Utilise a Plastic Bottle

Plastic bottles are the right tool to create the required water pressure and rescue the toilet from a clogged position. However, you need to be very careful while using a plastic bottle, as it can result in a messy circumstance. Initiate the procedure by transferring the water from the toilet bowl to another bucket or container. You can use a small container to transfer toilet water to other containers.

Next, grab a plastic bottle and preferably a large one, pour warm water in the plastic bottle. Wear rubber gloves and place your thumb over the top of the bottle. Position the bottle along with your thumb at the pipe’s mouth. Now, slowly remove your thumb. Start squeezing the plastic bottle. Let the water propel down the drain. This would probably unclog the toilet by driving away from the mess.

7. Epsom Salts

In case you are looking for a quick and easy way to unclog the toilet, Epsom salt can do the miracle. Especially, when you are at your friend’s place and can’t access any tool or solution right away, then Epsom salt can rescue you. Have a look around the entire bathroom or toilet and check if you can see Epsom salt.

Well, you can use bath bombs as they are made from Epsom salts. As soon as Epsom salt comes in touch with water, it creates enough fizz to loosen up the clogging debris inside the toilet bowl. And the bath bomb reacts in a similar way. So, keep this trick in mind during emergencies.

Use a Wire Hanger….

Your closet should have pairs of wire hangers. It’s the right time to use them when nothing is working to unclog the toilet. Straighten a wire hanger and wrap a rug at the sharp edge of the hanger; use this end to unclog the toilet. Utilise the right amount of force to clean the mess of your toilet. However, be careful while struggling with your toilet and its cleaning schedule, irrespective of any methods.

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