Fun Fantasy Jewelry Mementos A Gamer Can Keep Forever

It is no secret that gamers come in all ages, educational backgrounds, socioeconomic levels, shapes and sizes. The one thing they all have in common is the pure love of the game. For some it is the chase, for others, it’s the obstacles along the way in the form of riddles or movable barriers. For most it is the worlds they can create for themselves and enter again and again.

Fantasy is something unique and special for each individual. An emotional attachment to the story can draw one in many directions. It is possible to be swept to the ancient past to search for tombs and riches or the more contemporary historical time periods of the 20’s – 60’s where one can imagine themselves as wealthy businessmen or fashion themselves as a notorious gangster. The bottom line is that there is a gamer inside all of us, and when it comes to gift giving and dressing up, we all love to show off our favorite pastimes.

Gamers Love Jewelry Just Like The Rest of Us

The notion of fashionable gaming jewelry may be something new to consider. Let’s face it. Most gamers will be way ahead of the curve when it comes to acquiring the latest hit in online gaming. On the other hand, they may not have spent much time looking for that unique piece of jewelry that says it all. A fun memento that really describes them as a creative individual will make any holiday, birthday or anniversary a personal lifestyle statement.

It really does not matter the gender of the gamer. Whether they are male or female, there are some really wonderful pieces waiting to be found that reflects exactly who they are. If you have never considered what gaming jewelry to shop for, here are some fun examples to think about:

• Keep Calm and Game On slogan on a silver chain necklace

• Attention Zombies slogan on a silver necklace

• Gamer Evolution earrings

• Zombie Response Team bracelet for men or women

• Lag Kills People bracelet for men or women

Resident Evil flask necklace

The list is as endless as the number of amazingly popular games. The most important element when considering a fun fantasy gaming memento is to decide what piece of jewelry the gamer is best suited for. Is the gamer the bracelet wearing type or would a watch or key chain be a better fit; maybe an actual flask or a flask necklace will do the trick?

How and Where to Shop for Gaming-Themed Jewelry

The most important thing to remember is that gaming fads can come and go but there is usually one very special game that has stuck with the gamer. It is a little like that favorite childhood stuffed animal or toy, the one that is never ever forgotten. So when it comes to selecting a personalized gamer memento, the choice of theme is a key decision.

One very popular series is a necklace that pertains to occupation such as “Attorney By Day Gamer By Night”. This can cover the gambit as it is not game specific but identifies the individual as a fully functioning societal gamer. Another fun option is a necklace, bracelet, watch or key chain that says “Having a Job is Seriously Affecting My Game.” One last neutral option is a memento that says “I am a Gamer. What is Your Excuse?” Fun pieces that speaks for the owner.

If a more specific piece tied to a particular game is the goal, then it may be time to check out gaming websites to see which games are the most popular right now. A brief review may wake up the brain cells and hone one into that very special gaming jewelry that the gamer will be proud to own as a part of their personal wardrobe. Hard core gamers may be looking for a unique jewelry piece that is refined and especially designed with that in mind.


The best web searches to perform will include the key terms gamer or gaming as well as jewelry. When looking for a refined piece that is especially designed by a true artesian, consider taking a look at what Gamerjewelry.com has to offer. Although their collection is not game specific, it is genre specific and can offer a quality piece that will be cherished for many years to come.

Their collection includes themes like Cyber Age, Broken Hatch, Access Granted, Life Bar and Hard Core Scout Sight. These rings really make a beautiful gaming statement. They are crafted with genuine fine metals and with a pure love of the game in mind.

In addition to searching for gaming jewelry generically it can be useful to add favorite selections into the search. Titles such as Call Of Duty, Zombie Apocalypse, Assassin’s Creed, War Craft, Mine Craft, Just Dance, Battle Field, and Grand Theft Auto are a number of the bestselling games of 2013.


For generic gamers’ mementos and game specific pieces, a great place to check out for the gamer in all of us is Cafepress.com. To make browsing time shorter, simply add the game’s name to the URL link. For instance, if Call of Duty is the game of choice just add /+call-of-duty+jewelry on the URL. They also have great items for Assassin’s Creed, Zombie Apocalypse, Grand Theft Auto and much more. The thrill of the game lives on whether attached to the gaming console or doing day to day tasks.

Gaming Jewelry has become almost as popular as the games themselves. The notion of fashionable gaming jewelry may be something new, but the concept of fantasy is as old as time itself. And what could be a better way to be able to bring that fantasy with us everywhere we go than through mementos that we can carry around.

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